November 3, 2017

GCash now available in Messenger!

This is it! The convenient cashless lifestyle! Cashless payments and other services are available for all via Messenger .

Facebook is the new norm online, one of the most used online communication platform in the Philippines enabling people and companies to reach a wider audience and offer better service. 

GCash transaction is now accessible on Facebook Messenger.

With Messenger as the platform for the payment app GCash users will now be able to easily and safely send and receive money, buy load, and pay bills with the push of a button.

To start using its services on Facebook, you simply need to register to GCash, then link your account to Messenger by accessing the GCash bot or searching GCashOfficial. 

With GCash app, you can see instructions on :
  • How to buy mobile 
  • How to pay bills 
  • How to send money via Messenger

Now I can pay bills and buy prepaid load. 

Last night, I really need to reply on a text message from a client. It was really late night. I found out that the mobile I used was empty, no load to use, no way to get out of the house to buy load. I check my GCash through my mobile and I did it! Cashless lifestyle experience! 

Through anytime you need, #GCashMoNaYan !!!

Try and enjoy GCash on Messenger!

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