January 31, 2018

Celebrating a Legacy Built on Science and Love JOHNSON’S® celebrates its 125th year through year-long Special activities and promotions

A well-known and well-loved brand, JOHNSON’S® has been a household name for many years, best care always for for babies and everyone in the whole family. 

JOHNSON’S® has been pioneering and setting global standards in baby skin care for families globally since many can remember. This year marks a special milestone as JOHNSON’S® celebrates 125 years with a series of activities to celebrate its legacy in creating a safer world for babies and their families in the Philippines.

“JOHNSON’S® 125-year legacy is our dedication to giving our best for mothers and babies,” shares Ms. Bessie Colet Campillo, Johnson’s Marketing Manager. “Just as mothers learn from babies, so does Johnson’s. We understand what great lengths mothers go through to give their best for their babies, and that is the same effort we emulate in all the products we develop.  Our products have always been some of the most rigorously tested and safe, globally, and created specifically to care for a baby’s unique needs,” she adds.

“A baby’s needs are very much different than our own. Each sense, from sight to touch, and through all the moments of play and exploration that our babies go through as they develop, are opportunities to nurture their happy and healthy development. All these moments are also opportunities for us to empower parents to maximize bonding with their babies to nurture the best development possible,” she concludes.

In celebration of all the lives JOHNSON’S® has had the privilege to touch, and in honor of all the mothers in the Philippines, the brand has lined up various activities and programs starting January 25, 2018. This will be kicked off with the 125 Years Anthem Video to be launched on Facebook and YouTube on January 25 showcasing Johnson’s dedication throughout the years, followed by a series of online initiatives, special promotions in-store and in e-commerce, as well as on-ground efforts and events to celebrate with every Filipino mom who has grown up with the brand. 

Truly at the heart of the JOHNSON’S® Brand is the commitment to helping create a world made better for moms and babies. All the activities of the brand for 2018 aim to continue building on the vision and legacy of leaving the world better for the benefit of the nation’s babies, and to give back to the families whose lives they have had the privilege of being a part of over the years. 

This also comes with great commitment to continue to always give their best care for years to come.

For more information and updates on the Johnson’s 125 Years Campaign, please visit the brand’s official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JohnsonsBabyPhilippines.

January 30, 2018

Boracay businesses learn from the experts - Globe myBusiness digital tools workshop teaches SMEs how to stand out

 Boracay is undoubtedly one of the areas most densely populated by sellers, thanks to its unstoppable and diverse market. But how can one retailer stand out in a sea of shops and vendors, many of which are selling the same thing?

To help business owners with this dilemma, Globe myBusiness brought its tried and tested digital business solutions to the country’s prime tourist destination through a four-day workshop titled Digital Tools to Future-Proof Your Business at The Tides Hotel.
Well-known entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers were tapped to share their experiences to motivate the participants.
Francis Miranda, an advertising consultant and an entrepreneur himself, has spent much of his life doing two things he loves most: helping businesses and guiding others with theirs; and travelling to as many places as he can.
With one of his beliefs being to “tailor fit your life to how you want it,” he’s a firm believer in the idea that success comes to those who actively work for it and take all the opportunities they are given.
He discussed many of the learnings he’d picked up over the years and detailed the following common trends happening across business in the Philippines today:
  1. Demand for Personalization.
Customers are increasingly demanding products and services that are made for their unique needs and lifestyles, thus, businesses should make their products cater more specifically to each customer and make their patrons feel appreciated and special.
  1. Rise of the Omni-channel and the Importance of an Online Presence.
Customers these days tend to research online and may already have certain expectation or judgment before visiting the physical shop. The best businesses provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience whether online or offline.
  1. Automated Business Operations.
To work around the rising needs of customers, business owners have gone digital as well. While the prospect may sound complicated to entrepreneurs who are new to the idea of digitization, it’s actually the opposite -- digital business owners are simplifying their operations by automating work processes that otherwise would be taxing or time-consuming.
  1. Power of Customer Advocacy.
Customers love to take photos and post reviews in order to get Likes and Comments.  They serve as free advertising that drives potential customers toward the brand -- hence the importance of providing a “wow” experience to ensure positive reviews.  
When it comes to creating the ultimate “wow” experience, Francis has only three guidelines: extraordinary, progressive, and consistent. Make sure customers’ experience is beyond that of an ordinary shopping trip, treatment or procedure. Make sure it becomes progressively better as time goes by. And finally, make sure that quality never falters and can be relied upon.
Other speakers similarly presented the many ways a business can go digital and make the most use of Globe myBusiness’ products and solutions to enhance business operations and profit. But they put a little more on the table by talking about how working in the service industry isn’t just a matter of having the best tools but is also about putting in the best effort.

ECAMIA Hotel Management Corporation President Ana Marie Alcantara gave the audience an inside look at how she started, ran and managed her hotel business and gave some tips for working in the tourism industry. Among these tips are:
  • Being tech-savvy.
One does not have to be a digital genius, but must know (and provide) digital means for  customers to find the business, give feedback, and do what they love most: share through social media.
  • Catering to a diverse market.
From millennials to digital nomads to people traveling for “bleisure” (a merging of business and leisure), the market has become more diverse than ever so a business must be able to provide for people from all walks of life.
  • Working with and not against the competition.
In a somewhat surprising statement, Ana Marie claimed that when customers come in asking for something her hotel can’t offer, she leads them to places that will, even if these other hotels are actually her competitors. On their side, they do the same thing and refer customers to her place as well.
  • Being yourself.
Being unique is the only way to set one apart so customers will not go elsewhere. As she says, “You have to be authentic. You have to have your own unique selling proposition.”

CJ Juntereal, on the other hand, talked about working as a food columnist. She highlighted the one thing all businesses should prioritize as much as product or service quality: a great customer experience.
“Investing in customer service is an act of bravery because the returns don’t happen right away,” she admits. But she proves that this is definitely an investment worth making, saying, “Customer satisfaction is the prime driver especially in the hotel and restaurant industry. Without customer satisfaction, there is nothing for your hotel or restaurant.”
Her tips for achieving this satisfaction included knowing the market well by studying data analytics, allowing customers to be as digital as they want to be, making it easy for people to reach the business, setting one apart by creating an amazing experience, and being creative with digital tools to enhance online presence.
Naturally, to achieve all these things, it’s best to get help from the right source. As Francis says, “Adapting to the future is all about choosing the right tools.” Thus, Globe myBusiness’ products and solutions are here to MSMEs with any and every business concern.
Globe myBusiness is a business unit under Globe Telecom which caters to MSMEs not only for their telco needs but also for solutions that will help create ease of business operations.
Ready to digitize your business? Visit https://mybusiness.globe.com.ph/restaurants-and-cafes/ to learn more

January 29, 2018

Perfect songs, happy moments, feel the love at "Dionne Warwick: A Valentine Concert” at Solaire

We know we will never love this way again, 
that is why this season of romance, 
be part of “Dionne Warwick: A Valentine Concert” 
to be held on February 13 and 14, 2018 
at the Solaire Grand Ballroom.

Even if she’s had her share of Grammy trophies and triumphs, Billboard achievements, and a great number of popular ballads, Dionne Warwick humbly declares,

"The word or label 'Diva' is an operatic term and I do not sing opera, therefore I cannot and do not accept being called as such."

She is revered as a singing legend and popular music icon, who to many of her admirers is gifted with a melodic and soulful voice. Her songs continue to touch the hearts of people who believe in romance, love, friendship, and forever.

On February 13 and 14, 2018 at the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resort and Casino, the charismatic chanteuse headlines a two-night concert.

"I've been to Manila several times...Manila audiences are wonderful, they have always seemed to enjoy my show," says the singing legend. 

For her Valentine concert, people will get to enjoy, "Songs I am expected to sing and a few surprises…it will just be two nights of wonderful musical evenings."

Be ready to be enthralled and mesmerized when you hear her famous songs such as “Don’t Make Me Over,” “Walk On By,” “Do You Know The Way to San Jose?,” “Alfie,” and “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and other signature songs.

“I’ll Never Love This Way Again”

She shares, "All of my songs are close to my heart as they are like my children. The success of these songs; I attribute both to the wonderful composers and lyricists."

  Say A Little Prayer ” and other songs

What are the ingredients for a great song? Warwick replies, "Lyrics first, as I must believe in the words I sing, and of course, a memorable melody."

The musical icon has formed a long and successful partnership with songwriters Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Warwick ranks among the 40 biggest hit makers of the entire rock era, based on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Charts, with 56 of the legendary American singer’s singles making the Billboard Hot 100 between 1962 and 1998 and 80 singles making all Billboard charts combined. 

For Bacharach, Warwick is "A woman who has a tremendously strong side and a delicacy when singing softly--- like miniature ships in bottles.”

Warwick received her first Grammy in 1968 for “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” and her second in 1970 for “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.”

Under Arista Records, Warwick won the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Déjà Vu” in 1980. She became the first female artist in the history of the Grammys to win in two categories on the same year.

In 1985, Warwick contributed her voice to the multi-Grammy winning song “We Are The World” which also spent four consecutive weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the same year, she recorded the American Foundation for AIDS Research benefit song “That’s What Friends Are For” with Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight. 

In a career that spans five decades, Dionne Warwick’s melodic and soulful voice remains unmatched. 

To Bacharach, David and the multitude of people she had the pleasure of working with, Warwick enthuses, "I am forever grateful."

To newcomers in the industry, her advice, "Be true to yourself and what you want...if you can think it, you can do it."

"I am truly looking forward to coming again to Manila and I do hope all of you will be at the concert to enjoy," says Warwick. 

We know we will never love this way again, that is why this season of romance, be part of “Dionne Warwick: A Valentine Concert” to be held on February 13 and 14, 2018 at the Solaire Grand Ballroom.

For tickets, please visit https://www.solaireresort.com or call Ticketworld at 8919999.

Dionne Warwick, the charismatic chanteuse headlines a two-night concert.n February 13 and 14, 2018 at the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resort and Casino.

January 26, 2018

Explore the World as AirAsia Celebrates Dinagyang Festival

Go, Roam, Explore, Discover. 

Fly with AirAsia, the official airline partner of Dinagyang Festival 2018, and get exclusive discount treats and promo seats from as low as P1,066* only .

For the first time, AirAsia, the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for nine straight years running since 2009 by Skytrax, is this year’s official airline partner of Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival - one of the Philippines’ biggest religious and cultural festivals honoring the Santo Niño or Christ child.

To celebrate, AirAsia is offering promo fares for as low as P1,066 all-in-fare for Clark – Iloilo and P1,366 for Manila – Iloilo. Promo fares are available for booking at airasia.com from 29 January to 18 February, 2018 valid for travel between 29 January to 31 July, 2018.

“AirAsia is now painting Iloilo skies red. We are thrilled to be the official airline partner of this year’s festivities and we are looking forward to many more activities and collaboration with the Department of Tourism as part of our commitment to better connect secondary cities like Iloilo within the Philippines and beyond.” saidAirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador 

AirAsia guests flying to Iloilo starting today and tomorrow (27 January) will get special Dinagyang festival discount coupons from AirAsia’s partner establishments. AirAsia guests may also avail of the free shuttle service from Iloilo International Airport to the city. The public is also encouraged to visit SM Iloilo and the Atria District from 26 to 28 January and get a chance to win exciting prizes including free trips at the AirAsia booth.

AirAsia flies to Iloilo from Manila’s NAIA Terminal 4 and Clark International Airport in Pampanga with the following schedules:

Flight Number:
Manila – Iloilo
Z2 306ManilaIloilo04:0005:10Daily
Z2 309ManilaIloilo13:4014:50Monday
Z2 309ManilaIloilo13:5015:00Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Z2 315ManilaIloilo20:5522:05Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Z2 315ManilaIloilo21:0522:15Monday and Wednesday
Z2 307IloiloManila05:4006:50Daily
Z2 310IloiloManila16:0517:15Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Z2 310IloiloManila16:2017:30Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Z2 310IloiloManila16:5018:00Saturday
Z2 316IloiloManila23:1000:20Daily
Flight Number:
Clark – Iloilo
Z2 931ClarkIloilo19:4020:55Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Z2 932IloiloClark21:2522:40Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotions and activities via twitter (@AirAsiaFilipino), Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines) and on Instagram (@AirAsiaFilipino).

Ms. AiAi Delas Alas in "Ai❤️U", Valentine concert with Mr. Piolo Pascual

Have a funny Valentine with the Philippines’ Comedy Concert Queen, Ms. AiAi Delas Alas in "AiU" / (Ai Love U!" with very special guest, Mr. Piolo Pascual. 

"Ai️U" to be on February 14, 2018 at Palacio De Maynila at 7PM. 

During the blogcon held January 25 at Ai Sarap Express, Ms. AiAi said that this is a different one, "high tech" concert, people will be amazed.

Ms AiAi shared to us that on the funny valentine concert, she will perform sweet and "pa cute" numbers with the ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual.  She will do rapping with guests Ex Battalion and will have hot or fun numbers with other surprise guests - that people who will watch the concert will be shock or more surprised to see unexpected and wonderful celebrities on the concert. 

And more surprising and amazing numbers on the "Ai️U", Ms. AiAi said the she will do video mapping! Video mapping or projection mapping is turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays.

"Ai️U! concert is presented by Palacio De Maynila Events and Exhibit Center in association with Starmedia Entertainment and sponsored by Pitalicious Shawarma .

You may purchase tickets at www.smtickets.com and SM Ticket outlets or on the site on February 14 at 7PM.

January 24, 2018

Star Cruises celebrates the return homeport of Superstar Virgo in Manila beginning March 5 - New itineraries will feature Okinawa, Japan and Keelung, Taiwan

Manila, Philippines – January 2018 – Star Cruises, “The Most Popular Cruise Line in Asia”, today celebrated the upcoming return homeport deployment of SuperStar Virgo where she will take guests on summertime itineraries to Naha and Ishigaki in Okinawa, Japan and Keelung, Taiwan beginning on 5 March.

On hand to help celebrate at the event were representatives from the Department of Tourism along with model and social media sensation LA Aguinaldo, Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza, Philippine Basketball Association Legends led by Alvin Patrimonio, DJs Patty Tiu and Tom Taus, up-and-coming singer, Daryl Ong, business partners, media and executives from Star Cruises and Genting Cruise Lines.

“Star Cruises is looking forward to returning to homeport in Manila especially after the fantastic support of our Filipino guests during last summer’s debut of the Jewels of the South China Seas itinerary,” said Mr Ang Moo Lim, President of Star Cruises. 

“We are also proud to continue to support the Philippines’ tourism industry with the first-ever homeport deployment of an international cruise ship in Manila, providing more tantalizing options for the booming Philippines outbound tourism industry and developing the fly/cruise market for the country.” 

A pioneer in the Asian cruise industry, Star Cruises continually strives to deliver specially-curated, quality itineraries to appeal to a broad range of guests. SuperStar Virgo new summer cruises from Manila will provide a scenic journey to the popular tourist hotspots of Naha and Ishigaki in Okinawa, Japan and the vibrant port city of Keelung, Taiwan with easy access to Taipei.
Perfect for the summer holidays, SuperStar Virgo’s 5-Night cruise will allow Filipinos to embark on a new adventure with #NoVisaRequired!

To introduce another layer to this exciting summer vacation option, Andrea Manzano, Assistant Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Star Cruises announced an exciting opportunity for discerning travelers fit to serve their all-inclusive holiday vacation needs with themed cruises.

With key sailing dates during SuperStar Virgo’s 3-month deployment in Manila, Filipino cruisers are able to enjoy different kinds of experiences during these unique cruise sailings:

The Greatest Hits Cruise with The Boyfriends and VST & Co. 

Experience a blast from the past, as SuperStar Virgo launches her 2018 deployment with a throwback treat on the March 5 sailing. Headlined by members of the 70’s top Filipino bands The Boyfriends and VST & Co., guests can expect to sail smoothly as they serenade and croon their hits onboard this special concert cruise. 

The PBA Legends High Seas Tour 

This March 30 Holy Week sailing will feature top Philippine Basketball Association legends: “The Captain” Alvin Patrimonio, “The Tower of Power” Benjie Paras, “The Flying A” Johnny Abarrientos, and “Defense Minister” Jerry Codinera as they join this sports cruise offering basketball clinics for kids and a Legends basketball showcase.

Labor Day Party Cruise

Celebrate the Labor Day Weekend a different way as SuperStar Virgo offers an alternative way to celebrate summer through the Labor Day Party Cruise this April 29! Sailing with two of the top Filipino club DJs, Patty Tiu of Deuce and Tom Taus, Labor Day Party Cruise gives the young and old alike to let their hair down and party the nights away on SuperStar Virgo. 

Mother’s Day Cruise
Mothers are in for a treat, as SuperStar Virgo allows them to the queens of the high seas during the Mother’s Day Cruise on the May 9 sailing. Fun and amazing variety of engaging activities are available onboard for moms and their offspring meant to make their travel an unforgettable one. On top of all these special activities, mothers will also be serenaded by one of the country’s up-and-coming singers, Daryl Ong.

Pororo At Sea!

Bring your kids aboard SuperStar Virgo this May, as Pororo the Little Penguin brings his friends along for a cruise on the high seas! With two shows every May sailing, our Junior Cruisers not only get a chance to explore the wonders of cruising around Asia, they can also get to watch Pororo and his adventures onboard SuperStar Virgo.

SuperStar Virgo in Manila 2018: 05 March to 29 May 2018

Summer Getaway

2018 Departures:
MAR 05, 10, 15, 20, & 25 (LOW)
MAR 30 (MID)
APR 04 & 09 (MID)
MAY 09, 14, 19, & 24 (MID)
Day 1

Day 2
Cruising Day
Day 3
Naha, Japan
11:00 (12:00)
20:00 (21:00)
Day 4
Keelung, Taiwan
Day 5
Cruising Day
Day 6
( ) local time indicated in brackets

Summer Getaway

2018 Departures:
APR 14, 19, 24, & 29 (MID)
MAY 04 & 29 (MID)
Day 1

Day 2
Cruising Day
Day 3
Ishigaki, Japan
08:00 (09:00)
18:00 (19:00)
Day 4
Keelung, Taiwan
Day 5
Cruising Day
Day 6
( ) local time indicated in brackets

The capital city of Okinawa Prefecture and the political, economic, educational, culinary and transport hub of the Ryukyu Islands, Naha is renowned for its mild sub-tropical climate and sights and attractions where tourists can shop and dine at Kokusai Dori, the main shopping and entertainment street, or visit the many temples and shrines that dot the area.

Famed for its natural beauty, Ishigaki boasts unspoiled beaches, coral reefs in dazzlingly clear waters, palm tree forests, pineapple plantations and tropical vistas that many believe to be “the most beautiful place in Japan.”

Located along the rugged northeast coast, the port city of Keelung is also the centre of Northern Taiwan’s fishing industry. From its Taiwanese aboriginal origins to periods of Spanish, Dutch, Qing Dynasty and Japanese rule, Keelung is steeped in rich history.

In addition to enticing ports of call, guests on board SuperStar Virgo can look forward to setting sail in style and luxury with an all-encompassing cruise voyage comprising of deluxe accommodations, sumptuous inclusive meals daily, spectacular entertainment, a range of recreational facilities to pamper or invigorate and much more – all part of Star Cruises’ promise to deliver exceptional cruise experiences highlighted by its signature, heartfelt Asian hospitality.

About Star Cruises
Star Cruises is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong, a leading global leisure, entertainment and hospitality corporation. A pioneer in the Asia Pacific cruise industry, Star Cruises has been operating its fleet since 1993, taking on the bold initiative to grow the region as an international cruise destination with a fleet of six vessels including SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Aquarius, Star Pisces and The Taipan. To further evolve the brand, Star Cruises also announced an order for two innovative, 5,000 lower berth ‘Global Class’ vessels to be delivered in 2020 and 2021.

Star Cruises' commitment in offering best-in-class services and facilities is reflected in a host of recognitions and accolades received over the years. These include being inducted into the prestigious Travel Trade Gazette's "Travel Hall of Fame" for a tenth year in 2017 in recognition of winning "Best Cruise Operator in the Asia-Pacific" for 10 consecutive years. Star Cruises was also recently voted "Asia's Leading Cruise Line" at the World Travel Awards for a sixth year in a row in 2017.


About Superstar Virgo

The 13-storey SuperStar Virgo is equipped with 935 cabins, including sea-view cabins and balcony suites. Offering a wide variety of dining, shopping and entertainment choices, her facilities embrace Chinese, international and Japanese restaurants, an alfresco bar, foot reflexology salon and spa, gym, steam and sauna rooms, hairdressing salon, two-level theatre, duty-free shops, a 100-metre mega water slide, outdoor swimming pool, mini golf course, karaoke room, children's activity centre and more. A calendar of themed entertainment constantly refreshes the onboard fun and excitement, ensuring every voyage is a brand new enjoyable experience.

Why it’s awesome to have WiFi at home! - Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi is your most affordable option for reliable connectivity at home

Many families in the Philippines rely on the internet, whether to stay connected on social media, do research, or watch and stream videos online. While it has become an important part of the household, many still don’t want to invest in a long-term internet connection due to budget constraints.

For those who want to experience fast and reliable broadband connection without the monthly commitment and contract lock-up, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi may just be your best option with its strong connection, no monthly fees, hassle-free installation, and affordable loading options. It allows you to stay connected at home with prices you can afford.

Here are three reasons why you should get your own prepaid Home WiFi for the whole family:
1. No monthly commitments

For only P1,999, you can purchase the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi device and enjoy 50 percent stronger WiFi vs MyFi without having to worry about installation to monthly fees. All devices also come with free 10GB of data and so they can catch your favorite TV series and hit movies, surf the web, and more.

2. Globe At Home’s most affordable 1GB ever!

Once you’ve plugged in your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, you can connect to the Internet by subscribing to surf promos like HomeSURF15 for 1GB of data for just P15! Add it on to your GoSURF50 load good for 3 days!

For heavier users, other HomeSURF promos are also available such as 10GB for P349 valid for 10 days or 15GB for P599 valid for 30 days. HomeSURF promos are exclusively available on the Globe At Home App which you can download on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

3. Loading convenience right at your fingertips

Completing the seamless connected experience is the convenience of the Globe At Home App. With data monitoring and top-up features, you can manage, track and boost your account. The app is free to download and quick to set-up by just entering the mobile number assigned to your device.

To learn more about Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi, visit broadband.globe.com.ph/prepaid-home- wifi.html or visit shop.globe.com.ph/broadband#go-prepaid to purchase.


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