February 23, 2020

The Scrumptious Tuna Lasagna Supreme is #nandiTUNAulit! The Tuna Lasagna Supreme is back (for a while only)!

This is it! Foodies everywhere, rejoice! 

Greenwich has just announced that the scrumptious Tuna Lasagna Supreme is #nandiTUNAulit

Following last year’s overwhelming response, plus the innumerable requests from its customers, the number one pizza and pasta chain in the country has decided to give Greenwich kabarkadas a special treat by bringing back the crave-worthy Tuna Lasagna Supreme this 2020! 

The Tuna Lasagna Supreme is prepared with layers and layers of al-dente lasagna noodles with herby-tangy tomato sauce, tuna chunks, and rich, creamy cheese. This multiple layered pasta is so tasty that pasta fans won’t be able to stop themselves from munching bite after flavorful bite. 

“There was such a huge positive reaction from our Greenwich kabarkadas when we introduced the Tuna Lasagna Supreme last year. Since then, we’ve been getting inquiries to put it back on the menu. We value our Greenwich kabarkadas, kaya #nandiTUNAUlit ang Tuna Lasagna Supreme this summer – made with patong-patong na sarap of tuna chunks combined with other delicious ingredients you love in Greenwich’s best-selling Lasagna Supreme,” said Pam Reyes, Greenwich marketing head. 

This crave-worthy pasta is only available in stores until April 12, 2020, so catch several servings of it while you can! The Tuna Lasagna Supreme is priced at PhP89 for a la carte, and PhP99 for a meal, at all Greenwich stores nationwide, via delivery at #5-55-55 or greenwichdelivery.com.

February 22, 2020

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli officially tied the knot via a civil wedding 2.20.2020


The long-time celebrity couple, nicknamed "AshMatt" Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli officially tied the knot last night via a civil wedding. 2.20.2020 

Guidicelli, 29, and Geronimo, 31, now officially as Mr. and Mrs. Guidicelli.

Photo by Lito Sy

Regarding at the most waited moment for them, Matteo Guidicelli denies blotter report saying he punched Sarah Geronimo’s bodyguard.

The incident occurred inside a luxury hotel in Bonifacio Global City, in the middle of the civil wedding rites of the celebrity couple.

Taguig police confirmed that the 29-year-old actor reportedly punched Jerry Tamara, Geronimo's bodyguard, on Thursday night. 

According to the police report, Tamara reported the incident Friday dawn, saying that Guidicelli punched him in the throat upon learning that Geronimo's mother, Divine, "arrived unexpectedly" during the ceremony.

The bodyguard said Guidicelli punched him around 11 p.m. because he was the one who told Divine, Sarah's mother that the wedding was set that night. She apparently did not know about the wedding ceremony and wanted to talk to her 31-year-old daughter about it.

There have been earlier reports that Geronimo's Mommy Divine did not approve of her daughter's relationship with Guidicelli, an actor turned Army reservist.

"AshMatt," announced their engagement in November 2019.

The couple confirmed their relationship in 2014.

Hopeful that their parents will finally let her
bless them two.

Sarah has been a great daughter and breadwinner of the family. Matteo is a good soldier and gentleman. 

Hopefully, wedding bells in church soon be chiming for long-time sweethearts Sarah and Matteo.

February 21, 2020

This 2020, Save Up to Level Up with PSBank

Each new year comes with the promise of a better future for many individuals and families. To most, it is the opportune time to achieve new goals, to upgrade standards of living, and to seize new, exciting opportunities.

PSBank, everyone’s “simpleng maaasahan” bank recognizes the importance of this period, marked by resolutions and commitments—and invites all to make a firm, positive decision to progress in the attainment of their aspirations, through the act of purposefully saving moneyThe Bank believes that this allows one to level up, to grab what the new year and the new decade has to offer to those who actively prepare for it.

Look through these exciting ways on how you can grow your funds surely and securely this 2020 through PSBank’s Savings Account offerings:

PSBank ATM Savings – Commit to have an Average Daily Balance of PhP5,000, and have the benefit of earning a fixed interest rate as you further save. Access your account securely any time of the day via PSBank, Metrobank, and BancNet ATMs nationwide, as well as Mastercard ATMs worldwide. You can also avail hassle-free settlements of your utility and credit card bills, and experience the convenience of cashless shopping through BancNet’s electronic payment facility.

PSBank Regular Passbook Savings – Whether you’re saving up for an investment, a special life event, or an emergency fund, you can be assured that PSBank will make it easy for you. Having a Regular Passbook Savings Account gives you the benefit of also earning a fixed interest rate, and provides you a convenient way to monitor all your transactions.

PSBank Passbook with ATM – Maintaining a Passbook with ATM account with PSBank offers more than convenience and fixed interest rates. It also comes with a PSBank Debit Mastercard that allows you to safely access your funds, whether you are in the country or abroad.

PSBank Kiddie and Teen Savers – For those with children, starting kids early on the habit of saving will impart a discipline that will carry them throughout life. PSBank’s Kiddie and Teen Savers accounts are accompanied by free personal accident insurance from the Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation, allowing your child or teen the possibility of getting coverage equivalent to five times the value of the Average Daily Balance. These accounts may be opened as In-Trust-For (ITF) accounts, as joint accounts, or as individual accounts for each of your children.

PSBank Personal Checking Account – Possess check-writing flexibility for worry-free payments of your bills and other financial transactions whenever you need it. Open this account at any of the Bank’s branches and enroll in PSBank Mobile and PSBank Online to experience delightful banking moments.

PSBank’s Senior Vice President and Marketing Group Head Emmanuel Tuazon says, “As we enter this new year, we want to give our customers the ability and resources to become their best selves, through disciplined saving. We are confident that our suite of diverse Savings Accounts will allow them to do just that, and more—by instilling in them the importance of being prepared, and of having the mindset of constant improvement. We invite everyone to check out all of our products and services today.”

February 20, 2020

Teleperformance Philippines COTW helps Taal communities with donation to Philippine Red Cross

Teleperformance Philippines corporate social responsibility arm Citizen of the World (COTW) recently turned-over the donation of its employee-volunteers to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), its chosen linkage partner to send support for the communities affected by the recent Taal Volcano eruption.

TP leaders turnover the Citizen of the World (COTW) donation of P250,000 to Philippine Red Cross representatives in support of its efforts to provide aid and relief to the communities affected by the recent Taal Volcano eruption. 

Chief Operating Officer Mike Lytle, Senior Vice President for Human Capital Resource Management Jeffrey Johnson, and Vice President for Human Resources Rachel Cacabelos represented the concerned donors in a ceremonial handover of a check for P250,000 that will be used by PRC to deliver essential medical assistance to families who remain in evacuation centers after the volcanic eruption. 

PRC Rizal Chapter OIC Ria S. Rivera and Donor Recruitment Officer Antonio Miguel T. Palpal-latoc expressed their appreciation for the COTW donors’ act of kindness which they said would truly help people in need. 

PRC is among the partner-beneficiaries that COTW regularly supports, as employee-volunteers also organize quarterly blood-letting drives as contribution to their continuous blood donation drive.

To learn more about Teleperformance Philippines and what they do, you may visit their website at www.teleperformance.ph/en-us or their Facebook page at /teleperformance.philippines.

Basta Ministop, don’t pay cash. PayMaya! PayMaya Preferred: Get quick treats and sweet deals when you use PayMaya QR at Ministop

Here's a great news! PayMaya is the preferred payment option at Ministop! 

Get exclusive deals and #BalikBayad when you pay via PayMaya QR in more than 500 branches of Ministop all over the country.

Grabbing a quick bite or buying some last-minute needed items just got more convenient and rewarding as Ministop joins the growing list of PayMaya Preferred merchants, where customers can get added treats and perks whenever they pay using PayMaya QR.

PayMaya QR is now currently available in more than 500 branches of Ministop all over the country, allowing for the ultimate convenience not just in buying goods but in having a quick and hassle-free payment experience as well.

Additionally, shoppers can also get a P50 cashback once a week from February 19 until April 18, 2020 whenever they scan to pay a minimum of P200 using PayMaya QR at participating Ministop branches nationwide.

This is on top of the usual 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback they can get whenever they use PayMaya QR at thousands of partner merchants and establishments nationwide.

“Whether it’s grabbing Ministop’s famous Uncle John’s Fried Chicken for a quick lunch or buying supplies for home, your payment experience just got more convenient and rewarding because of PayMaya QR. It’s the perfect marriage of convenience and rewards, which makes buying your items at Ministop with PayMaya even more exciting,” said Raymund Villanueva, Head of QR Ecosystems at PayMaya.

Ministop is just the latest in a growing list of PayMaya Preferred Merchants around the country, where PayMaya is the preferred mode of payment instead of cash, as part of the “Don’t Pay Cash. PayMaya!” campaign of the country’s most rewarding mobile wallet today.

Aside from being able to conveniently pay for Ministop purchases using their mobile phones, PayMaya users can also add money to their accounts in select branches through the Pay & Go kiosk, which will soon be enhanced to offer even more convenient add money options in the coming months.

So hop on the cashless lifestyle and download and register for a PayMaya account now to enjoy the most rewarding mobile wallet experience at Ministop today. Dahil basta Ministop, don’t pay cash, PayMaya para may BalikBayad ka!

To know how you can maximize your PayMaya account, visit www.PayMaya.com/deals or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and

Driving inclusive finance through mobile technology: Fintech leader GCash says PH making strides in promoting financial inclusion

MANILA, Philippines -- Leveraging technology for digital finance has long been recognized by major think tanks and global, multilateral, and intergovernmental organizations as a catalyst in promoting inclusive finance especially in emerging markets like the Philippines.

Financial technology (fintech), according to studies conducted by the World Bank and Alliance for Financial Inclusion, plays a key role to providing access to the unbanked and underbanked, as it brings financial tools and instruments closer to those who need them the most.

China and India have been successful in improving the state of financial access in their countries through fintech players, and their citizens are now reaping the huge benefits of financial services today.

This was made possible by the strong government support for fintech development, given their rising mobile-first populations as well as the need for easier access to a wide range of financial services.

“Fintech addresses the barriers that are linked to the lack of access to financial tools. By using technology to simplify processes and provide an environment that is both firm and lenient, we are allowing more people to participate in the financial ecosystem through their mobile phones,” GCash President Anthony Thomas said.

Worldwide, adults without an account at a financial institution cited the lack of funds, costs, distance, and documentation requirements as major barriers to formally participating in the financial landscape.

In the Philippines, seven out of 10 households are yet to own a bank account, while around 66 percent of Filipino adults are still considered unbanked. Majority of them cited constraints such as high costs of banking, socio-economic and cultural issues, strict documentary requirements, as well as physical access to financial institutions.

However, with advances in digital technology and constant innovation, fintech players in the Philippines such as GCash have helped bring down the costs of banking, bridged gaps in documentary requirements, and provided greater access to Filipinos.

“With the use of fintech, we offer a powerful solution to expand access and promote the use of digital financial tools that are tailor fit to the needs of Filipinos. We believe that through our platform, we will be able to help bridge the gap between the banked and the unbanked,” Thomas said.

GCash has made it its goal to provide easy access to financial tools such as credit, savings, insurance, and even investments, all of which are easily available on the mobile platform for all Filipinos. Aside from being zero-rated for Globe subscribers, GCash is also telco agnostic, hence anyone with a SIM card may register and own an account.

“The opportunity for us to use our platform to provide finance for all is immense. Various data show that seven out of 10 Filipinos now own a mobile phone and at any given time, 67 million Filipinos are online. With our huge push for the use of our platform and our passion to promote inclusive finance, our platform is now being used by 20 million Filipinos to participate in the financial landscape,” Thomas said.

From only 1.8 million users in 2016, the GCash app has now grown to 20 million users, with majority of account holders using the platform for peer-to-peer money transfers, domestic remittances, and payments. 

“We at GCash are proud to have gone so far, but the gargantuan task still remains — there are millions more that have yet to enjoy the life-changing benefits of being included in the financial landscape. We vow to continue to using our technology to provide a diverse suite of financial services that provides value to our customers,” Thomas said.

February 19, 2020

I am 9 years old !

Yes, I am 9 years old !🎉🌷🎁💞💥 

I have 2 birthdays ....the first is my birth date ... My other one, is my second life birth date...😍

😍Waking up every morning  with full of gratitude to God in my heart.♥️

🙏Thank You Lord, for giving me another day, another chance to become a better person, another chance to give and experience love.

9️⃣For nine years, I am thankful as amazingly, recovered without any resulting paralysis or other disabilities.

That's the best as the doctors called it
“a miracle."💖

🙏I thank you God for saving my life! Thank You God, my life is controlled by Your hands. No matter what arrangements You make, I'm always willing to rely on You and look up to You.

💞I owe my life to many amazing things .... Faith in God … the love and support of my family …my relatives, my friends, brothers and sisters in many religion, and many great connections of my family/relatives/friends around the world...🌍 and the fabulous care I received at The Medical City hospital.😍

💖This nine-year anniversary of my aneurysm, and for 9 years of enjoying every moment,

🙏 I learned that LIFE is short and can end in a split second..... So show your family and all you love and appreciate them … while you can.
God bless us all ! 🙏♥️
#iamnine #mybirthday
#secondlife #blessed
#survivor #brainanuerysm
#miracle #nineyears
#loved #GodsLove

"Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.” - - -

Sharing the Good Life, LG donates over 1 million Pesos worth of Home Appliances to Shelter of Hope/Silungan ng Pag-Asa

LG Philippines held the official turnover of 1 Million pesos worth of LG Home Appliances to Shelter of Hope / Silungan ng Pag-Asa, a temporary home of cancer-stricken kids from provinces.
The donations, which included a wide range of home appliances that will vastly improve the quality of life and enjoyment in the children's home, was recently formally turned over in a small gathering to celebrate the month of love, as well as World Cancer Day which fell on February 4th.

LG Managing Director Inkwun Heo, together with #TeamLG, gave the donations to Pastor Junie Antiñero of Shelter of Hope. 

"It is our prívilege to be partners with Shelter of Hope. The bravery and strength of these children is something we can all look up to. To be able to give them happiness, no matter how small, is a goal that we constantly work towards for." Mr. Heo said.

Pastor Junie gamely accepted LG's gift. 

"We are deeply grateful of LG's unwavering support for our cause. I, and more importantly the children, really appreciate it". 

After the donations were given away, the children from Shelter of Hope gave the audience a heartwarming treat with a moving performance.

Visit : https://youtu.be/bynVjp6ZyII

True to the holiday spirit and the lessons ingrained in the movie, "Klaus."  LG pledged to donate over 1 million Pesos worth of Home Appliances to Shelter of Hope/Silungan ng Pag-Asa, a temporary home of cancer-stricken kids from provinces.

This was during the holidays late last year, LG, together with Netflix, held an intimate launch event for their Christmas animated feature film Klaus. 

The donations came in part of the #ShareTheGoodLifewithLG campaign during the holidays, where as a way of giving back to the community, LG dedicated a portion of each sale of each product to go towards furnishing the home of Shelter of Hope.

February 18, 2020

Meet and say hello to your newest skincare essential—SkinWhite MoistureWhite!

Here's the SkinWhite’s newest revolutionary product, the MoistureWhite body lotion.

Unlike ordinary whitening lotions in the market, SkinWhite MoistureWhite lotion takes a massive leap towards beautiful skin because it combines a time-proven whitening formula with the breakthrough ingredient Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a moisture booster popularly found in Korean skincare products.

Don’t miss out on the following benefits your skin can gain by using SkinWhite MoistureWhite Lotion!

1. It will help you achieve whiter skin by lavishing it with much needed moisturization through HA. 

SkinWhite MoistureWhite is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid (HA)—a natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to deliver deep moisturization immediately, being able to retain its weight in water up to 1000x. So that when light hits moisturized skin, it will appear even and whiter. HA acts as a magnet that attracts and locks in moisture for a fair and glowing complexion. With HA in every bottle of MoistureWhite Lotion, you’re sure to get moisturized-white skin!

2. It has the sun protection you need.

SkinWhite MoistureWhite is also equipped with SPF 16. This means aside from shielding your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, it also keeps your skin fairer as it successfully blocks out the darkening effects of sun exposure.

3. SkinWhite MoistureWhite doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.

SkinWhite MoistureWhite lotion is made with a non-sticky formula so you can now have moisturized white skin every day without the sticky feeling you hate!

4. Comes in soap format, too!

Your skin will feel and look even better when you also use SkinWhite MoistureWhite soap.

That’s because HA will not dry out your skin every time you bathe. By using MoistureWhite soap and MoistureWhite lotion daily, your skin will be moisturized-white all day!

SkinWhite combines whitening with the power of HA so you can achieve the skin you so rightfully deserve. SkinWhite MoistureWhite—locks moisture in to get your best white out. 

Try it now!

Noel Cabangon Releases Poignant New Track "Pipiliin Pang Maghintay" That Will Give All the Feels

Multi-platinum recording artist Noel Cabangon returns with brand new single "Pipiliin Pang Maghintay" that is sure to give all the feels. 

The poignant track is about a love that just won’t be denied despite the odds, and serves as the singer/songwriter's latest original composition. 

Inspired by beloved kundimans of yore, Cabangon’s new song promises to be a classic in the making with its soothing melody and universal theme of true love, one that sacrifices without counting the cost. 

Pipiliin Pang Maghintay is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music under Universal Records.

February 16, 2020

Smart brings you the most exquisite Filipino contemporary art at ALT Philippines 2020

After a multitude of reimagined experiences it has brought to its customers, Smart Signature now dares consumers to reimagine the way they see local art. Introducing ALT Philippines 2020, a first-of-its-kind collaborative project among 10 galleries in Manila that aims to not only showcase contemporary Filipino art, but also to reframe the notion of the art show itself.

The landmark art event, which will be held at the SMX Convention Center at SM Aura on February 13 to 16, brings together galleries Artinformal, Blanc, Finale Art File, Galleria Duemila, MO_Space, The Drawing Room, Underground, Vinyl on Vinyl, West Gallery, and 1335 Mabini. This epic collaboration will result in a showcase of over 150 leading contemporary Filipino artists, in a groundbreaking and dynamic way that involves the immersion of viewers and the engagement of artists and professionals.

“We are truly excited to be part of this momentous event in the local art scene. This is just one of the many ways we provide meaningful connections by bringing subscribers closer to their passions,” said Smart President Alfred S. Panlilio. “Through this, we enable our subscribers to live the life they want, including the kind of life fueled by art.”

Amongst the anticipated highlights at ALT Philippines 2020, is the digital art wall that will be brought to life by artist Derek Tumala. “Derek’s work in collaboration with Smart is a coming together of art and technology. His “Pure Impermanence” 10-channel video in portrait orientation mirrors how we view images on our mobile phones. It represents the endless cycle of experience and image-making through a network of fleeting connections,” according to a statement released by ALT Philippines 2020.

Reimagine the way you see art

Smart subscribers will have the opportunity to freely reimagine the way they see art, as they can avail of exclusive passes to ALT Philippines 2020 as part of the elevated customer experience that Smart provides its valued customers.

With Smart Signature Plans, subscribers can also enjoy the best postpaid and overall experience. Smart Signature affords for its subscribers the capacity to live the life they want because their passions are supported by Smart Signature's bigger data allocation and Smart LTE, the undisputed fastest mobile network in the country, as awarded by third-party organizations such as Ookla, OpenSignal, Tutela, and P3 in their respective crowdsource-based studies on mobile internet services in the Philippines.

But Smart doesn’t stop with data and network speed that customers deserve. Smart also serves perks and privileges to its subscribers, in this case, the levelled-up Signature lifestyle that allows loyal customers to pursue their love for art by getting free tickets and ticket discounts to ALT 2020 Philippines.

To score tickets and discounts to ALT 2020, Smart Postpaid subscribers may submit their entries by answering the question, “What are you looking forward to the most at ALT 2020?” Just go to the comment’s section of Smart’s ALT 2020 ticket giveaway post on Facebook and include the hashtag #SmartALTPH2020.

For more levelled-up love-for-art experiences, follow Smart on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications or @ReimaginePH on Instagram. Keep tabs on the hashtags #Reimagine and #SmartALTPH2020 for more updates as well as ALT Philippines on social media at Alt Philippines on Facebook and @altphilippines on Instagram.

Click on the link for additional event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/222715622076541.

JRS Express partnered with GCash as its Cashless Merchant Partner

JRS Express, the country’s first courier service and one of the leaders of the Philippine logistics industry,  has partnered with the nation’s leading mobile wallet GCash to secure payments for their patrons.

There are a total of 430 branches now on-boarded with GCash’s Quick Response Code (QR Code), which enables customers to pay with ease using the app on their smartphones.

Since JRS Express’ humble beginnings in 1960, it has grown to over 430 branches and satellite stations operating a substantial fleet of delivery vehicles nationwide – including a modernized operation and a tracking system for its delivery network. They have also been well-awarded and recognized in the field of courier services and logistics.

“We have been looking forward to this partnership as we know that going digital and going cashless is the way to go! We know that through digital payments, we can ensure faster and convenient transactions, shared by JRS Chairman, CEO and President, Mr. Antonio M. Claparols.

Meanwhile, Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt, the operator of GCash, also shared that “This partnership with JRS is a welcome collaboration which enables us to share fast, secure and convenient cashless technology to their customers. We continue to be true to our commitment to onboard more and more partners to embrace this innovation.”

JRS Express being equipped with GCash Scan to Pay is only the beginning. They are also looking forward to expanding their partnership with GCash by adopting more services in the near future. 

Downloading the app is easy, one can just go to Google Play Store for android smart phone users or go to the App Store for iPhone users. To enjoy the use and the full features of the app, you can have your account verified, cash in through your bank online or go to over 16,000 GCash Partner Outlets nationwide. Once done, the customer just needs to tap on “Scan QR,” point the phone’s camera at the partner’s QR code, and pay.

For more details about the promotions, customers can visit the official Facebook page of GCash at www.facebook.com/gcashofficial.

February 15, 2020

Renowned Fine Artist Leeroy’s “Kulambo” Weaves Stories on Fight Against Malaria

Known for decades, "Kulambo" is the mosquito net, a type of meshed curtain that is circumferentially draped over a bed or a sleeping area, to offer the people a barrier protection against bites and stings from mosquitos, flies, and other pest insects, and thus against the insect-borne diseases include malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.

People from 60s,  symbolize the Kulambo as their parents’ efforts to keep them safe from sickness.

As today, the modest kulambo has transformed into a symbol of hope in the battle against malaria.

Mosquitos have been called one of the most dangerous insects in the world, spreading some of the world’s most prevalent and destructive diseases today. Malaria is one such infection, affecting tens of thousands of Filipinos, but we have since bitten back.

"Fortress" by Leeroy New

Recently,  an artwork created and dubbed as “Fortress” by renowned fine artist Leeroy New, presented at Bonifacio Global City. 

To celebrate the two decades of milestones that mark the fight against malaria, resulting in a 90 percent reduction of reported cases, Leeroy  has created “Fortress,” an installation that creatively weaves together used kulambo or anti-mosquito nets, collected from malaria-affected places.

“It made sense to transform and bring new life to these pre-used medicated mosquito nets, originally intended to act as protective shields against disease-carrying mosquitoes, into an immersive and ethereal fortress-like structure complete with pointed spires that attempts to represent the substantial preventive effect it has made on the fight against malaria,” said New as he described his inspiration for the piece.

(L-R) Shell Philippines President and CEO Cesar Romero, PSFI Director Cesar Buenaventura, PSFI Executive Director Sebastian Quiñones Jr, Palawan Vice Governor Dennis Socrates and PSFI Deputy Executive Director Marvi Trudeau

Commissioned by Shell Companies in the Philippines (SCiP), the artwork aims to symbolize the company’s drive to eliminate malaria. New explained that it also represents the constant struggle to maintain control over threats to humanity’s well-being, be it physical, mental, or emotional.

“Also, meandering about the floating castle is what appears to be a serpentine like form made from the same mesh material that resembles the threatening beasts from fantasy stories that always aim to invade or destroy,” said New.

The piece will be placed in front of Daiichi Properties’ The Finance Center in Bonifacio Global City until the end of April.

“This artwork is the symbol of the collaborative effort made to eliminate the malaria infection from the Philippines,” said New. “It serves as a concrete example that we can fight against this deadly infection and win.”

Through the combined effort of Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI), the Department of Health (DOH), and local government units across the nation, malaria cases have dropped from over 50,000 in Palawan alone in 1999, to less than 5,000 in 2018.

“In the common Filipino household, the kulambo symbolizes the ultimate protection against mosquitoes,” said New as he described his inspiration for the piece. “An entire family can seek protection under the kulambo and spend the night, huddled but safe.”

Meanwhile,PSFI Executive Director Sebastian Quiñones Jr. noted the challenge in helping indigenous peoples fight malaria because their nomadic nature makes it difficult to monitor their treatment.

(L-R) Moderator Michelle Ong, World Health Organization (WHO) Medical Officer on Malaria, Vectorborne and Parasitic Disease Dr. Gawrie Loku Galappaththy, PSFI Deputy Executive Director, Program Manager Externally Funded Programs Marvi Trudeau, Vice Governor of Palawan Dennis Socrates, Renowned Contemporary Fine Artist Leeroy New.

In order to tackle the challenging circumstances, PSFI sends regular volunteer expeditions into the mountains, and the Foundation has hired anthropologists to study the groups in order to develop non-disruptive methods for providing aid.

“At Shell, we believe in being a good neighbor, so we do not wish to disrupt their way of life,” said Quiñones. “Our goal is to promote the well-being of our communities, forge strong partnerships with various sectors, and make all of these initiatives sustainable, so that our legacy and mission will continue with our respective communities.”

The program received another grant for 2018-2020 to tackle the last four highly endemic provinces, which has made Quiñones confident that the Philippines can achieve its goal for the country to be malaria-free by 2030. These are the provinces of Palawan, Sulu, Occidental Mindoro and Sultan Kudarat.

For the last 105 years of its operations in the country, Pilipinas Shell, with the Department of Health, has remained committed to helping not just the communities that it serves, but all communities throughout the nation. By combating dangerous diseases such as malaria, the company aims to make the future safer for all Filipinos.

February 14, 2020

Make It Another Day To Remember At Max’s

MANILA, Philippines –  If you’re looking to make your February an unforgettable one, head on over to Max’s Restaurant for flavorful dishes and sumptuous treats that will make your gatherings twice as memorable – enjoy the newest Red Sinigang, and Max’s Corner Baker Bakery’s Strawberry Chocolate Roll and Chocolate-Coated Caramel Bars.

For only PHP529, the Red Sinigang is an elevated classic to a traditional Filipino dish. Its base is a savory indulgence of beef and fish cooked in a rich, sweet-sour soup made up of tamarind and tomato. A medley of fresh vegetables like string beans, radish, and okra are generously tossed for added taste. Jazzed up with crispy kangkong, this unique dish when served to your special someone is certainly a gesture of love and appreciation that’s worth remembering.

The Red Sinigang is also the perfect partner to the all-time favorite Max’s Sarap-To-The-Bones® Chicken. For only an upgrade of PHP 150 from the House Classics Birthday Bundle Plus, you can enjoy this duo of crispy, golden fried chicken and warm, comforting soup that’s sure to amp up your gatherings with the people special in your life.

Finish it off with something sweet to be shared with your loved ones in the Strawberry Chocolate Roll and Chocolate Coated Coated Caramel Bars. 

Starting only at PHP259, the Strawberry Chocolate Roll is a fluffy concoction of chocolate chiffon that’s lavishly-filled and frosted with whipped cream, piped with strawberry fruit filling and adorned with chocolate cut-outs and shavings. Surprises should come anytime, so excite them with a classic made more indulgent with Chocolate Coated Caramel Bars. Starting only at PHP249, Max’s classic caramel bars is brought to a whole new level as it’s beautifully-covered with luscious dark, white chocolate, and dressed in elegant toppings.

What are you waiting for? 

Max’s Restaurant’s Red Sinigang and Max’s Corner Bakery’s Chocolate Coated Caramel Bars is available nationwide for dine-in or take-out, while the Strawberry Chocolate Roll is in Luzon stores only. 

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant/.

LG Sustains the Love with its 2nd Laundry Love for Taal

Even if the Alert Level of Taal Volcano has been downgraded, the threat of a destructive volcanic eruption is still very real. Those affected by last month’s phreatic eruption are slowly trying to get their lives back together, but a lot of families, especially those in the volcano’s immediate vicinity, are left without anything to come home to.

While the worst might seem to be over, all of the evacuees still need a lot of help. LG Philippines was one of the organizations who were first to lend a hand last month by staging its popular Laundry Love Project which provided commercial grade washing machines so that Taal evacuees could have access to clean and hygienic clothing. LG, together with its team of employees and volunteers, visited the evacuation centers in Alfonso Central School, Kaylaway National Highschool, and DOH Rehab Center over the course of a week for the Laundry Love program and to provide medical missions to give physical and optical checkups for the evacuees.

LG paid a visit again to the evacuation centers in Batangas since there’s still work to be done. They re-staged the Laundry Love Project like last month but seeing the demand and the need for it, the company brought even more washing machines to cater to more families. #TeamLG visited the evacuation center in Laurel, Batangas for four days to ensure that everyone gets a chance.

LG also donated to the evacuation center 2 refrigerators, 2 LED Television sets, and 2 X-Boom speakers each, bringing the grand total of 25 refrigerators, 16 LED TVs, and 25 X-Boom speakers donated and distributed across the different evacuation centers. Speaking more about the program, LG Philippines’ Managing Director, Inkwun Heo, said “We’re here for the people of Taal. We sincerely hope that the worst is over, but rest assured that LG is fully committed to help in bringing this remarkable community back to its feet. Their resilience is a true testament to the strength of the Filipino people.”

To formally receive the donations, LG turned them over to Mayor Joan Lamero-Amo, Mayor of Laurel, Batangas. “It is with utmost gratitude that we accept LG’s generous support during this tumultuous time. You have our heartfelt thanks”.


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