September 19, 2018

5 Simple tips to avoid diseases during the rainy season

As the rainy season continues to pound the nation with torrential rains, Filipinos have no choice but to constantly deal with floods, power outages, and transportation disruptions. But a bigger concern are the numerous diseases that are most common during this time of the year, such as cholera, typhoid fever, influenza, and most especially, leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis can be acquired by an individual through direct contact with infected animals and the urine of rodents. The disease is contracted through superficial cuts and open wounds that are exposed to contaminants such as flood water. If contracted, leptospirosis can lead to headache, muscle pain, chills, and even organ failure and death.

This is why preventing leptospirosis and other diseases is very important, and among the easiest ways to do this is by keeping yourself and your immediate surroundings clean. Below are five simple tips to ensure safety for you and your family this rainy season.

1. Proper Waste Management

Garbage must be kept away from your belongings to prevent contamination. Proper segregation ensures that waste is kept in a safe and efficient manner. Make it a habit to put your trash in designated bins and avoid leaving them out in the open to maintain the environment’s cleanliness.

2. Wear Protective Clothes

Students and employees are often exposed to pathogens and viruses, making them susceptible to various diseases. Protective clothes such as boots, jackets, and gloves work provide protection against water-borne diseases that are present during floods.

3. Wash Hands Frequently

Bacteria and viruses can be found almost anywhere, and you can easily get infected just by crossing the street, riding a public utility vehicle, or holding onto an infected railing. To lower the risk of acquiring diseases, wash your hands frequently.

4. Disinfection

Your home could be rife with bacteria and viruses without you even knowing, which is why disinfection is a must if you want to keep you and your family healthy. To help with this, New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC) introduces Hygiene PRO, a disinfectant with coating technology that can protect nearly any surface for one week up to months. It’s easy and safe to use on people, things, animals, and plants. With this new product, a wide variety of materials inside your home are secured from disease-causing viruses!

5. Proper Hygiene

As always, the best way to prevent leptospirosis and other diseases during the rainy season is by observing proper personal hygiene. For additional layer of protection, use Hygiene 24, a hand sanitizer with coating technology equivalent to 10 handwashes in just one application, which also remains for 24 hours!

For more information about the latest products of New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation, visit their website at

Reflections of Time :“Kuh Ledesma Christian Bautista Sing Streisand Groban Legrand”on October 20 at The Tent at Solaire

The veteran artist also known as Pop Diva, Kuh Ledesma and Asia’s Pop Idol Christian Bautista sing  famous great songs of international icon artists Barbra Streisand,  Josh Groban and Michel Legrand. 

Listen to classic melodies from iconic names in music history be transformed by two of the country’s finest voices in a concert entitled, “Kuh Ledesma Christian Bautista Sing Streisand Groban Legrand” happening on October 20, 2018 at The Tent at Solaire. 

As an advocate of Filipino artists, Solaire showcases yet another pair of brilliant stars that will serve as the opening act in the integrated resort’s newest event venue, The Tent. 

“The Tent seeks to accommodate Solaire’s ever expanding entertainment fare. We can now simultaneously hold concerts and musicals in two spaces for our guests’ enjoyment. It is quite fitting that The Tent’s maiden offering is “Kuh Ledesma Christian Bautista Sing Streisand Groban Legrand” as it speaks of how time is a transforming force, a common thread that the artists and Solaire have experienced over the years. It will truly be a wonderful night of beautiful music.” says Audie Gemora, Solaire’s Director for Entertainment. 

Kuh Ledesma has been in the business for four decades and is showing no signs of stopping from performing on stage. She was prominently compared to Barbra Streisand during her beginnings, but eventually shook the association off due to her own striking looks, soulful sound and acting prowess. The veteran artist behind the hits “Dito Ba?”, “Til I Met You”, and “One More Try” has a busy 2018 with shows both local and abroad, including her upcoming concert with Christian Bautista whom she’s sang with several times in the past. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Christian.” she says. 

“First of all, he has a great voice – and it’s always a delight working with singers with great voices. Second, he is a friend and brother in Christ, so that’s a bonus. Lastly, he’s good looking — what else can I ask for?” 

Christian Bautista also had his dose of early comparison. He was likened to American artist Josh Groban for his lanky physique when he first auditioned for a defunct television singing contest. Despite his competition exit, he was offered a recording contract and thus began his climb to entertainment stardom. His debut single “The Way You Look At Me” received an acclaimed exposure in Indonesia which set his singing career in an international trajectory. Kuh is not a stranger as a performance partner, and Christian only has praises to say about her. 

“I’ve learned so much from her. As an artist, I admire the brilliance she injects in our craft. She knows how every little detail will flow and has total control of her shows. It’s an amazing opportunity to see how she does it and be able to sing with her on the same stage again.” 

With strings of ups and down throughout the years under their belts, both artists agree that time has allowed them to translate their repertoire into more personal narratives of their lives even beyond the limelight. Kuh divulges, “Being in the industry for 40 years, the songs have become mine over time. There is one song that brings me to tears whenever I hear it and this concert is my opportunity to sing it as my own.” To put more context, Christian cites his relationship with fiancé Kat Ramnani and how she has made an impact to his performances. “Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’ has more meaning to me now. When I hear it, sing it, I think about Kat and how the song perfectly describes how she affects me and how much she inspires me.” 

Reflecting on the last few years since doing this concert for the first time, Kuh shares, “The years in between have brought a lot of amazing experiences. We’ve gone through various events, even life changing milestones that bear different emotions. Although the songs will be familiar and the best from the three icons, there will be more depth and honesty.” says Kuh.

“Our, and of course the fans of Streisand, Legrand and Groban can definitely expect a deeper sense of connection in the songs that we will sing in the concert. It’ll still be the music that the fans have fallen in love with, only this time more heartfelt.” 

For tickets to “Kuh Ledesma Christian Bautista Sing Streisand Groban Legrand”, you can call TicketWorld at 891-9999

September 18, 2018

Putting focus on moments that matter with the SAMSUNG Galaxy J8

Wouldn't it be perfect if a phone’s camera could capture the world, the way one wants to see it? Where everyone who matters is captured clearly, vibrantly, standing out in perfect focus?

This is exactly what Samsung’s Live Focus allows. Debuting just under a year ago, the feature lets photos stand out through beautiful bokeh shots. It captures the subject and background separately, producing a blurred background, focusing on the subject. The feature has made its way across dual camera-equipped smartphones on the Galaxy line, allowing users to take stunning professional-like images.

With its 16MP + 5MP Rear Professional Dual Camera, the Samsung Galaxy J8 lets users focus on the moments that matter most and guarantees Instagram-perfect shots.

Stand out from the crowd

Who wouldn’t want to snap and share photos of a breathtaking travel destination or the concert of a chart-topping artist? When everyone else has the same idea and the background is filled with people trying to get a great shot, it can get frustrating.

Flawlessly stand apart from the crowd in photos by using Live Focus. Quick tip: the feature works best when the subject is about four feet away from the lens. Find that sweet spot and start snapping away!

Make meaningful moments stand out

Switch to Live Focus when documenting memories, whether it’s from a private date or a long overdue catch-up with a friend. When looking through those vibrant and sharp shots, it will bring back all those warm and fuzzy feelings. Unsure what level of blur to apply? Just take the shot, and edit later using Samsung’s Gallery app.

Bright light is best

Take the Galaxy J8 for a spin particularly when going on sunny adventures. Live Focus works best under good lighting conditions—perfect for capturing that carefree shot on a beach trip, or that “candid” pose along an artsy city street.

The Galaxy J8’s rear camera is equipped with F1.7 aperture enabling clearly documented moments despite low light conditions. The device is also powered by a long lasting 3,500 mAh battery that will let consumers and photo enthusiasts snap photos all day.

Available in black, purple, and gold variants, the Galaxy J8 also provides access to exclusive benefits via the Samsung Members app and anti-theft function through Find my Mobile. Also get quick emergency access via the Samsung 321 app.

The Samsung Galaxy J8 is available in stores with suggested retail price of Php 15,990

To know more, visit any Samsung-authorized store nationwide or visit or .

Ready, Set, Seoul: RCBC takes lucky winner on a special trip to Korea

Whether it is the cute and heartwarming stories of their dramas, the catchy rhythm of their pop music, or the wonders of their fashion and beauty products, the Korean fever has caught the Pinoys by storm. That is why it is no surprise that Filipinos have developed a strong desire to visit and experience Korea for themselves.

Ready, Set, Seoul winner Amy Adona made the best out of her travel experience as she and her husband explored the streets of Korea dressed up in hanbok. (Photo from Brea Adona)
Last year, RCBC launched its Ready, Set, Seoul campaign where it gave customers an opportunity to have an ultimate Korea experience with their MyDebit Mastercard. Dr. Amy Tagaloguin Adona won the prize and embarked on a 4-day trip to Korea with her husband and daughter, enjoying five-star superior room accommodations at the Lotte World Hotel, free shopping and taxi vouchers from Shilla and Shinsegae Duty Free, and passes to some of Lotte World top attractions.

The great Seoul adventure

To start their Seoul vacation, the Adona family dressed up in traditional hanbok costumes and roamed around the Bukchon Hanok Village to explore the quiet neighborhood that is home to Korean culture. They also tasted the various street foods which Korea is known for – from fried skewers and tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), to pajeon (Korean pancake) and big ice cream.

The family had a magical experience at one of the biggest amusement parks in Seoul, the Lotte World. With free passes courtesy of Mastercard, the Adonas enjoyed sightseeing around Lotte World Aquarium, Sky Tower Observatory, and Lotte World Adventure.

“We’ve always wanted to take a break from our busy schedules and spend quality time together as a family. When we were in Lotte World, it was a nice opportunity to bond with my daughter and do fun things together,” said Dr. Amy. “The whole experience at the amusement park was something I really enjoyed and it brought out the child in us again.” 

The Adona family made unforgettable memories and enjoyed a day of adventures at Lotte World with free passes from Mastercard. (Photo from Brea Adona)

Dr. Amy also shared that they were really looking forward to going on a shopping spree in Korea. She said, “We know how Seoul is popular for its affordable beauty products and fashion items so we wanted to maximize our trip and buy what we want.”

Shopping was definitely the highlight of the family’s Korea vacation especially with Dr. Amy’s RCBC MyDebit Mastercard. With her card loaded with the P40,000 prize, the family enjoyed cashless transactions as they spent a day shopping in the malls of Seoul.

Amy and her family got to try one of the things that Seoul is known for: their great-tasting street food. Photo from (Brea Adona)

“Sobrang saya mag-shopping kapag hindi ka nagwo-worry about not having enough cash in your wallet. When you have your debit card, you can be assured na lagi ka may pang-bayad kasi nandoon na ‘yung savings mo.Nowadays, most stores, even in abroad, accept debit cards for payment so I didn’t have to worry about bringing dollars for the trip.”

On how grateful she is for the amazing Korea experience, Dr. Amy shares, “My family and I are really thankful to RCBC, Mastercard, Lotte World and Openbay Korea for giving us an opportunity to unlock great moments in Seoul. I didn’t think something as simple as using my RCBC MyDebit card can bring us to Korea.”

Aside from a trip to Korea, RCBC also gave other MyDebit Mastercard holders a chance to win exciting vacations to Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand. Want to experience the fulfilling feeling of traveling with RCBC MyDebit Mastercard? Apply for your own card at any RCBC branch nationwide. Just bring a valid ID, proof of address, and deposit a minimum amount of P3,000 and you can start enjoying hassle-free transactions with RCBC MyDebit Mastercard.

Global, PH Design Leaders at Int’l Design Conference 2018

Local and foreign design rock stars, change makers and industry leaders are participating in the International Design Conference (IDC) 2018 on September 21 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura. 

Theme of the conference is Dangerous Ideas: Unleashing Design Leadership. Organized by the Design Center of the Philippines, an attached agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the one-day event will seek to outline the different ways to make ideas that are nothing short of dangerous the norm in a world of hyper-change. 

Keynote speakers include Quotient Design Research founder Michael Barry and Aidea, Inc. president and chief executive officer Abelardo “Jojo” M. Tolentino, Jr. 

Barry, an engineer and product designer, will contextualize craftsmanship in the wake of Industrialization 4.0 that makes more digitization and mechanized fabrication more and more sophisticated. With his artistry rooted firmly in Philippine culture, Tolentino will discuss his journey as a homegrown talent. 

He will also share the secret that enabled Aidea to become the first and only Philippine architectural firm included in Building Design’s World Architecture100, a ranking of the top firms in the world. Aidea is ranked 47th. 

Launched in 2017, the International Design Conference embodies the ethos of Design Center – to nurture a strong community of creative and act as a catalyst for the design community to thrive. 

For more information, visit and Facebook page


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