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September 20, 2017

16th Franchise & Business Expo stays in tune with ASEAN agenda! “7Ms Towards Shared Prosperity in ASEAN”

One of the country's longest running tradeshow to date and one of the country’s biggest business and franchising events - the AFFI Franchise & Business Expo is staying true to the seven-point strategy for MSME growth set by the ASEAN MSME Development Summit earlier this year.

The seven-point strategy, known as the “7Ms Towards Shared Prosperity in ASEAN”, includes: 
  • mindset
  • mastery
  • mentoring
  • markets
  • money
  • machines
  • models
All of which are essential in the advancement of MSMEs towards the core of the ASEAN economic agenda.

This tactical approach to small enterprise development -- with focus on mentoring, markets and money -- will steer this year’s Franchise and Business Expo, set on September 29 to October 1 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Under the theme AFFI@20: One with ASEAN, the expo will continue to empower entrepreneurs primarily thru informative seminars and on-the-day mentoring sessions from industry experts and successful business owners.

Backbone of the region’s economy

As the prime trade organization of small and medium entrepreneurs in the country, expo organizer Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. has expressed staunch support for MSMEs to be appointed as key drivers of shared prosperity for the region.

“These enterprises account for over 90 percent of businesses all over ASEAN. That number, in itself, already proves the sector’s role in achieving the desired growth for the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community),” said AFFI President John Chung.

Chung, who is also the founder and CEO of homegrown perfume brand Acquasuisse, specifically pointed out the significant impact of MSMEs on employment generation.

John Chung, AFFI President 

“Small and medium businesses provide more jobs for the common people than any other sector in our society today,” asserted Chung. “For example, AFFI’s member corporations alone have already created over 200,000 jobs as of June 2017.

Hence, it has been AFFI’s main concern to put forward the welfare of these small enterprises ever since it was first founded in 1997. The association is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the industry this year.

“For 20 years, AFFI has been a constant champion of Filipino SMEs. The founders, who are now pillars themselves in the business and franchising community, envisioned the association to be the voice of entrepreneurs in this country. We want to continue fulfilling that vision in the coming decades,” Chung added.

The yearly event that empowers this vision, The Franchise and Business Expo, AFFI will showcase hundreds of brands to thousands of visitors ranging from professionals, established and budding entrepreneurs, students from top universities, and consumers. The expo will offer fresh ideas, trends and solutions through a series of informative seminars, interactive activities, and mentoring sessions provided by partner organizations, government agencies, celebrity entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen. 

The 16th Franchise & Business Expo is co-presented by SEAOIL Philippines and the Department of Trade and Industry. 

For inquiries, please visit or contact the AFFI Secretariat at (02) 501 5449, 0949.8890758 or email us at

September 19, 2017

WWF-Philippines holds benefit dinner to promote sustainable food for a sustainable future

The changing climate and the uncontrolled and wasteful consumption have resulted in concerns on how to continue feeding the planet today and in the future.

This is why the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, with the mission of “Transforming Lives,” has gathered food connoisseurs and environmental advocates to support Sustainable Food Sustainable Future, a benefit dinner created to educate Filipinos on the importance of sustainable consumption and supporting our local farmers and fishermen by eating local.

WWF officials with Myrza Sison, Andrej Wisniewski, Margaux Salcedo,
Patti Javier and Pepper Teehankee

Proceeds of the Sustainable Food, Sustainable Future dinner will go to WWF-Philippines’ campaigns and efforts to secure food sources of the future, aid the livelihood of local farmers and fishermen, and promote eco-friendly means of food production and consumption.

Sustainable food consumption and production involves looking at how resources are used in growing food and taking into account their impact on the environment and the community. This not only results in environmental benefits but also social and economic support such as increased competitiveness of local products, increased employment, and consequently reduced poverty. For consumers, it can mean fresher food with less chemicals and improved health.

WWF Ambassadors with Joel Palma and Gigi Montinola

WWF’s Hand Line Yellowfin Tuna initiatives in Occidental Mindoro, Camarines Sur and Albay are examples of WWF’s work in this area. Hand line fishing initiatives provide an avenue to supply selectively-caught yellow fin tuna to market actors, environmentally conscious consumers and give local fisher folk a source of livelihood.

WWF President Joel Palma

WWF President and CEO Joel Palma shared how food consumption affects not only the environment but the welfare and livelihood of the people and communities who work on food production, like farmers and fisher folk.
“We would like to emphasize that the footprint of the produce not only contributes to climate change and threaten our planet's future but can also negatively affect the future of those who grow or produce our food. We want to make sure resources are protected and sustained so that they can continue to be the source of livelihood for generations to come.”

Meanwhile, Chef Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome talked about how he partnered up with local fishermen and farmers who inspired his restaurant’s menu. “One of the biggest reasons why I shifted my cooking style is because of sustainability. For me, personally, I find it more meaningful and more fulfilling if I know who’s growing the ingredients. Aside from it tasting better because it’s direct from the source, it’s fresher,” Santos stated. 

“Aside from us feeling better about ourselves, it’s more fulfilling that it’s not about us. It’s always about someone else’s lives that we’re helping out. It’s fulfilling when you find that your truest purpose is to really help someone else to make a difference.”

Chef Margarita Forés

As Chefs are the primary influencers of food cultures and diets, their participation in developing sustainable food habits and produce consumption is a huge help on promoting food security.

“I think apart from just cooking for people as a profession, chefs of today really need to advocate the science of sustainability and using ingredients that help keep the planet sustainable and the environment clean because in the end, whatever we do is dependent on the produce,” quipped Chef Margarita Forés emphasizing on the role of chefs and restaurateurs in the campaign to help the environment.

Held at the Rizal Ballroom A of Makati Shangri-La, Manila on September 6, 2017, the benefit dinner featured delicious dishes from eight of the country’s top chefs. Chef Eric Weidmann (Sage), Chef Nicco Santos (Hey Handsome), Chef Chele Gonzalez (Gallery Vask), Chef Patrick Go (Black Sheep), Chef Sunshine Puey (Gourmandise), Chef Miko Aspiras (The Workshop), Chef Josh Boutwood (The Test Kitchen) and, Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2016 Margarita Forés (Grace Park), came together to show diners how local produce can result in flavorful creations that can help communities and the environment. 

Northern Guimas Strait Blue Crab and Lemongrass Salad

Northern Guimas Strait Blue Crab

Four glorious pass around canapés paired kicked off the cocktails while the five-course dinner was started off with Weidmann’s Northern Guimaras Strait Blue Crab with Smoked Tanigue Tartare. This was followed by Santos’ Northern Guimaras Strait Blue Crab and Lemongrass Salad on Coconut-fermented Santol Crab Cracker, Gonzalez’and Go’s Yellowfin Tuna Belly with Szechuan and Adlai, Etag, Seaweed and Shiitake Congee, and Forés’and Boutwood’s Aleli’s Pork Loin, Headcheese, Sweet Potato, Humba Pineapple Glaze and Guava Gel, which is an homage to Daila Farm’s Aleli Crespo who sposored the night’s black pigs. The delectable dinner was perfectly capped off by Puey’s and Aspiras’ 64% Davao Dark Chocolate and Over-ripened Mangoes with Auro providing the chocolates used. Wines that complemented the courses were courtesy of one of the event co-presenters, Bacchus. 

Makati Shangri-La Manila, another co-presenter, has showed its all-out support for this WWF-Philippines fundraiser as it very much aligned with the Shangri-La group’s “Rooted in Nature” philosophy and corporate social responsibility for a sustainable future in the Philippines, which is a manifestation of the group’s commitment to promoting greater traceability and transparency of food sources by working with local and sustainable providers. By 2020, the group’s goal is to serve 75 per cent more sustainably sourced food on their menus and through the “Rooted in Nature” dining experience, guests are enjoined in embracing and celebrating the benefits that sustainable food brings.

Tote-ally Awesome Goldilocks Tote Bag

For countless Filipinos, Goldilocks is synonymous with bringing joy and happiness to people’s hearts. Through their delicious cakes, savory meals, or must-have treats and goodies, the country’s number one bakeshop always hits the mark when it comes to delighting consumers. Indeed, five decades of being at the top is earned through knowing exactly what Filipinos want and need. 

With students back to school, the rainy season upon us, and Christmas just around the corner, what better accessory to have than a super cute and handy tote bag? The Goldilocks Happy Tote Bag is as fun and functional as it is versatile. Featuring three eye-catching designs, the tote bag is sure to add an element of style whenever you shop, do the groceries, or need to carry an assortment of items. 

Buy any 6 of the Goldilocks Snack Cakes in a single purchase receipt and add P60 in order to get your Happy Tote. Moreover, for every purchase of the Goldilocks Happy Tote Bag, a percentage of the sales go to the Goldilocks Foundation, which aids in feeding, educational, environment, and disaster relief programs. The tote itself is made from flour bags from manufacturing plants, and canvas margins from small bakeries.

Head down to your nearest Goldilocks today and grab a tote while you can! Promo period is until September 30, 2017. 

For more information, visit or like their Facebook or Twitter page @GoldilocksPH 

September 18, 2017

The world of music is changing ! HEOS presents the newest in multi-room audio technology

Superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance - be amazed by the newest in multi-room audio technology here in the Philippines. Instantly elevate your home listening and viewing experience with the HEOS wireless speakers, home cinema system, and amplifiers.

HEOS is a true multi-room system providing great sound throughout your whole home. You can play the same song in every room or any combination of rooms you choose, including a different song in every room.

Command music in every room from any device. Use your multi-room audio system to group several rooms together and play the same song- perfectly synchronized, or play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune. 

Only HEOS comes with 100 years of audio expertise from DenonThe leading and most respected Audio-Video and smart home systems technology solutions provider in the Philippines, Beyond Innovations welcomes The Heos Family by Denon.

Last August 24, 2017, this event held at Cities Events Place attended by the Denon and Beyond Innovations executives, dealers and selected members of the press to witness the launch of a wireless music system that allows consumers to control all their music effortlessly from anywhere in their homes. By introducing these acoustically sculpted, stylish and powerful multi-room wireless speakers to Philippine terrain it aims to deliver uncompromised entertainment experience. 

Since the year 2000, the year of its conception, Beyond Innovations has firmly believed that by providing advanced and state-of-the-art but cost-effective technologies for its consumers, it will not only make the lives of its consumers sound beautiful but moreover, make life with technology entertaining, pleasurable, effortless and convenient.

Beyond innovation, superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance are the core foundation for Denon; by transforming, elevating and enhancing the entertainment experience. With passion, artistry and of course, technology as the key elements for their drive in producing top class products; Heos makes the cut for the Denon difference.

Simply put, Beyond Innovations is more than thrilled and pleased to add the Heos series along with several quintessential products by Denon. Moreover, Beyond Innovations and Denon would like to continue make beautiful and harmonious collaborations that only they can deliver. 


Consumer audio is accessory to Music Source; historically there has been a single dominant force.  Over time the source has changed for either performance improvement, or convenience. 

GP (Gramophones) to LP’s (Long playing) - Better sound quality, more durable media, and longer playing, improved performance.

LP to Cassette – Gave a huge decrease in sound performance but significantly more convenient.  Easier to use in car and on the go, could make own recordings, and allowed building playlists.  
Cassette to CDs – Had better sound quality, more durable, better all round.

CD to MP3 (iTunes) – Has lower sound quality, but very convenient. (1000 songs in your pocket!)

Today: Pre-eminence of iTunes is fading; kids under 25 are not buying iTunes content, iTunes music shrunk for the first time ever over the last year while global music sales grew for the first time since 2006. There is no longer a single dominant source. 

Cloud sources 
  • Internet Radio, rebroadcast of terrestrial AM/FM stations. i.e. Tunein. 
  • Personalized Internet Audio
  • Subscription services, pick and play any song, build playlists etc, i.e. Spotify 
We (Denon) believe there are four pillars required to be successful in today’s environment. The first is having cool rocking multi-zone players, second is an easy setup, third is simple beautiful controller apps, and finally online music services.

Heos delivers in these four categories with a gorgeous product line-up, the fastest wi-fi setup available, a fantastic app that looks and functions great, and finally Heos brings the top Cloud services in three categories: Internet Radio, Personalized Radio and Subscription Services.

HEOS System

HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more HEOS speakers and the free app. The free HEOS app instantly gives you multi-room audio control, and it can be installed on as many phones and tablets as you like; Commanding music in every room from any device. Use your multi-room audio system to group several rooms together and play the same song- perfectly synchronized in party mode! Or, play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.
    • No need to purchase any additional hardware
    • Reliable connection with no playback drops within your existing Wi-Fi network
    • Up and running in just 4 steps! (Photo?)
    • Holds all your music services settings globally (passwords, playlists, history)
    • Each HEOS device has its own EQ setting


The HEOS system allows you to choose from a huge selection of music sources. From Internet Radio, and Online Music Services to your own Smart Devices, USBs, PCs, and NAS!

HEOS allows everyone to bring their own music and music services accounts to the party.  Select music from anyone’s device or account without the need to reconfigure the system for each user – the idea is that everyone with the app can play DJ and contribute to the party’s soundtrack regardless of which device they have or which services they subscribe to. 

HEOS can stream almost any digital audio format! It supports:
  • WMA up to 192kbps
  • AAC/Mp3 up to 320kpbs
  • ALAC/WAV/FLAC up to 24bit/192Khz
  • DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz


All of the Heos speakers (1,3,5,7) feature advanced digital signal processing that gives great sound from a very small form factor (The chip is tiny which gives more room for speakers!). On top of this, all the speakers can work as a Stereo Pair for an even better audio performance. Each speaker supports Bluetooth that enables it to stream audio even without a WiFi network, and a USB input for mass storage for more options in music sources. You can also listen to your favorite tracks when your smartphone is connected to the HEOS 1 and charge your device at the same time! The USB port provides a 5V/1A output, the same as regular phone chargers.

Heos 1 – The HEOS 1 provides custom dual drivers, including a wide range mid-woofer and precision dome tweeter. The enclosure is sealed for humidity resistance making it ideal for use in a damp environment and the HEOS 1 can be wall mounted for installation anywhere.

Heos Go Pack – The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack attaches to the HEOS 1 base, with easy twist-on/twist-off attachment.  It gives up to 6 hours of play back on a single charge. The included silicone splashguard provides protection against splashing water, making the HEOS 1 the ideal wireless portable speaker for outdoor fun - use it poolside or on the spa deck with confidence.

Heos 3 – The HEOS 3 is a dual driver design with 2 Class D amp channels. The HEOS 3 can also be wall mounted, and is small enough to put wherever you need big Heos sound. It is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

Heos 5 – The HEOS 5 is a 5 driver system with 2 custom designed tweeters, and 2 mid-woofers powered by 4 Class D amp channels, along with a passive radiator. It gives absolutely amazing sound from a discreet and stylish powerhouse. It is ideal for medium to large rooms.

Heos 7 – The HEOS 7 is the ultimate in wirless speaker performance! It features 7 drivers including 2 passive radiators, 2 custom tweeters and mid-woofers,  and a  large subwoofer powered by 5 dedicated class D amplifiers. It is built with rich and genuine materials with a brushed metallic apex for a stylish yet solid build.

Heos Link – The Heos Link transforms your current AVR  of HiFi system into a HEOS zone. The link is a pre-amplifier that features analog, optical, and digital coax audio outputs, and a 12V trigger along with the ability to control legacy devices over IP or with the IR output via the Heos App. It also features Analog, USB, and optical inputs for source variety.

Heos Amp – The Heos Amp transforms any pair of speakers into a HEOS zone. It features 2 channels with 100 watts into 6 ohms with the latest Denon Digital Amplification. It also has analog, USB, & optical inputs for source variety, along with a subwoofer pre-out for those who like a little more bass.

Heos AVR – The Heos AVR is a 5.1 receiver that features 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms with support for 4 HDMI inputs (4k/HDCP2.2/HDR/Dolby Vision). It has the ability to add wireless surround speakers (Heos 1/3/5/7, Heos Amp) as well as passive 3rd party speakers. Never miss a moment and use the Heos bar and App to share TV sound throughout the Heos Eco system.

Heos Home Cinema – The HEOS Home Cinema sound bar features bi-amplified mid-woofers and tweeters with advanced DSP processing. Working in perfect concert is the included wireless subwoofer with dual 5.25” drivers. It delivers powerful deep bass with flat response and low distortion thanks to precision DSP audio tuning.

Heos Bar –  The Heos bar features a discrete 3 channel speaker system (Front Left/Right, and Center) with support for 4 HDMI inputs (4k/HDCP2.2/HDR/Dolby Vision). It has the ability to add wireless surround speakers (Heos 1/3/5/7, Heos Amp) and the optional Heos Wireless Subwoofer. Never miss a moment and use the Heos bar and App to share TV sound throughout the Heos Eco system.

Heos Sub – High performance deep bass without the wires. Add it to any existing Heos system wirelessly, not only does it work with the Heos Bar or AVR but also with single or stereo Heos speakers, the Heos Link, Heos Amp, and the Heos Drive.

Heos Drive – Designed by custom integrator specialists for custom integrators. The Heos Drive offers versatility to custom integrators that want to have the HEOS system. It offers 4 zones in one cabinet (8ch x 60W @ 8ohms) with bridge mode capability for high power output. It is truly versatile with pre outs in each zone, 2 optical and digital inputs, 4 analog and usb inputs, 4 12V trigger, and 2 Ethernet inputs. Both the speaker level and pre-outs for each zone are enabled. It also has active cooling and includes 2 rack ears for easy installation and placement.

True Faith,Parokya ni Edgar and other top OPM bands to perform at City of Dreams' October Beer Festival

It’s all about overflowing beer, authentic German delicacies, rollicking fun with friends, and top OPM bands True Faith and Parokya ni Edgar during the third annual October Beer Festival at the Grand Ballroom of luxury integrated resort City of Dreams Manila on October 12 and 13, 7pm to 11pm. 

True Faith

True Faith will take the center stage and perform their classic 90’s hits on October 12. Part 3 Band and Eye Candies will also perform on the same night. 

Parokya ni Edgar
 Gloc 9 

Popular rock band Parokya ni Edgar together with Gloc 9 and Eye Candies will bring the house down on October 13. Exciting raffle prizes and beer drinking games complete the October beer fest experience.

True Faith’s “Perfect,” “Paano Ka Magiging Akin,” “Dahil Ikaw” and “Huwag Nalang Kaya;” and Parokya ni Edgar’s “Harana,” “Para Sayo,” “Yes, Yes, Show” and “Silvertoes” are some of the highly-anticipated chart-topping songs to be performed live at the October Beer Festival.

Guests can also indulge in a variety of beers such as Weihenstephaner from the oldest brewery in Germany and the world, Sapporo from Japan, Heineken from Netherlands and local beers San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Light, and Pedro Brewcrafters. This wide array of beers complements the Bavarian buffet with carving stations of roasted suckling pig, German-style roast chicken, roast pork knuckle and German meatloaf; a selection of grilled sausages, braised beef paired with a variety of breads and pretzels with butter; and desserts such as Bavarian crème, Bee Sting cake, Sacher cake, Linzer cake and apple strudel.

City of Dreams Manila’s October Beer Festival at the Grand Ballroom is at PHP 2,700 net per person. A discounted admission rate of P2,400 per person is offered as an early bird rate until September 30. 

Guests can also have a rocking good time if they avail of the October Beer Fest staycation package at P12,800 net. This staycation package includes an overnight stay in a Nobu Deluxe room with breakfast for two and two October Beer Fest tickets to the Grand Ballroom on October 12 or 13. 

City of Dreams Manila Rewards Club members may approach the Dream Rewards or Signature Club counter to avail of the October Beer Festival passes in exchange of required Dream Rewards points.

For inquiries and reservations, please call + 63 2 800 8080, e-mail or visit Event tickets can also be purchased via SM ticket outlets and Terms and conditions apply.


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