July 31, 2015

MAPFRE Insular Optimistic for Growth in 2015

Starting strong in 2015 with 37.9% growth in total production for all lines and channels on the first quarter of the year compared to the same period of 2014, MAPFRE Insular is optimistic on projection of growth of its business for the year.

The company’s growth in Q1 is attributed in the Fire Insurance line which alone doubled versus its performance in 2014 delivering over 299 million in premiums for the Company. Following Fire Insurance, Casualty and Marine Cargo insurance are the second and third respectively in terms of growth.

2015 is a year of consumer-centric innovation for MAPFRE Insular. Along with continuous brand building and awareness efforts, the Company is focused on becoming the trusted insurance company of choice for the Filipinos by delivering superior and efficient insurance solutions for their different needs. 

“We at MAPFRE Insular are continuously strengthening our geographical presence to make our services easily available and affordable to more Filipinos nationwide through our various distribution networks,” says, Tirso Abad, President and CEO of MAPFRE Insular. “Our multi-channel offices and sales offices have grown in total production by 37.6% and 146.9% respectively in the first quarter. These channels have been driving growth in the Accident, Fire and Motor business through an active agents’ network focused on selling retail products,” Abad adds.

MAPFRE Insular completed the first quarter of the year with several programs that aim to improve consumer experience of existing products and services. In March, MAPFRE Insular launched its VIP Fast Track Claiming process, an innovation in the motor car insurance claims procedure that only requires one document* when making a claim. Clients may now enjoy a fast, easy and convenient claiming experience once they have enrolled their car insurance policies in the program. 

Other than this program, MAPFRE Insular continues on improving its systems and processes for the satisfaction of their consumers through its technological and digital enhancement such as Tronweb – an IT system allowing for an improved integration of company-wide processes and standardized database analysis that would lead to a more working efficiency. 

MAPFRE Insular in support of the government’s advocacy to increase insurance awareness has also recently made available a program for low-income urban population in Metro Manila. The company has established Kabuhayan at Kinabukasan Alay ng MAPFRE sa Pinoy (KaKAMPi) Microinsurance, a program to educate and help protect families from the financial burden of coping with costs associated with the unexpected death of family member. Moreover, the KaKAMPi Mo scratch card was launched for the same target. The scratch card is an accessible and affordable personal accident insurance solution for the low-income urban population.

Continuously engaging in programs and offering services that are focused in contributing to the betterment of the Filipino society, MAPRE Insular ensures that the welfare of their customers is their top priority. This commitment motivates the company in the continuous improvement of its products and services. 

The company is gearing for more innovations and expansion in 2015.

For more information about MAPFRE Insular’s services, visit www.mapfre.com.ph. 
*For own damage and clear cut claims only

Chevron celebrates going 80 years and further with Delo

​Chevron Lubricants, maker of the Delo brand of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, celebrated its 80th year of Delo brand. 

Delo (Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil) has been established since 1935. In the 1950s, the Delo brand pioneered the first successful multi-grade engine oil and delivered one of the first two oils approved for Caterpillar Series 3 – RPM Delo Supercharged-3 Oil.

In 1971, Chevron Delo 400 was introduced and became the first product in the industry to meet the diesel and gasoline service applications. In 1984, Chevron introduced the first all-hydro processed base oils, which set the standard for performance in the base oil industry. Later in the decade, Chevron was the first to extend a big diesel engine (CAT 3406B) life to 1.6 million kilometers without overhaul.

Chevron introduced Delo with ISOSYNTM Technology based on our ISODEWAXING process, resulting in mineral base oils with synthetic-like capabilities in 1993. In 1996, Delo became the first brand to demonstrate 1.6 million kilometers to overhaul in Detroit Diesel Series 60, Cummins NTC400/N-14 and Caterpillar 3406B engines and the first to meet the oil performance requirements of PC-7 (which later became API CH-4) without having to reformulate. Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 became the first heavy duty diesel engine oil to meet the API CH-4, Cummins CES 20076 and Mack EO-M Plus extended drain specifications in 1998.

Today, Chevron’s Delo product family includes lubricants, coolants and greases. Delo products are found in all major industries including commercial transportation, construction, mining, agriculture and power generation. These performance benefits can be seen through the experiences of our customers in a variety of markets. 

“We are truly proud of Delo for successfully and continuously providing supreme protection to diesel engines for 80 years now. Like what we always say, we want smooth and worry-free drive and operation for our clients that’s why we constantly find ways to improve our products in order to deliver that promise,” shared Michelle Sayat, Chevron Philippines Marketing Manager for Lubricants. “We’ve done it for the last eight decades, and we will go further than that. We’re looking forward to servicing the Philippines for the next 80 years and more.”

Delo is a global brand, distributed by Chevron under Caltex master brand in Asia Pacific. More information on Delo products can be found at: www.DeloPerformance.com

Organique Acai Premium Blend: Powerful Antioxidants in a Bottle

Organique Acai Premium Blend is from the acai berry, rich in antioxidants. With its high content of anti-oxidants, Acai is one of the healthiest berries available. Organique Acai Premium Blend is food / juice supplement and not just a magic pill. 

The acai (pronounced ah-sah-ee) is the tallest palm tree in the Amazon jungle, growing up to 80 feet. Its small, dark purple berries have been a staple in the diet of the indigenous people of Brazil for centuries. 

“They consume it regularly and it is what they use to remedy aches and pains, from infection to stomach problems,” relates Cathy Salimbangon, Vice-President for Marketing of Organique Inc.

Cathy Salimbangon, Vice-President for Marketing of Organique Inc.
Touted by many as the king of superfoods, the acai berry is rich in antioxidants which combats cell damage. “It’s basically a cellular approach, our cells are being attacked by free radicals from the pollutants around us, antioxidants help repair them,” Cathy simplifies. “So your body is replenished and functions better overall. You have more energy, signs of aging are delayed, your immune system is strengthened,” she enumerates. Acai berries also contain omega oils which is necessary for the proper function of the brain and cardiovascular system. “It has all the basic vitamins and minerals that our body needs aside from being high in dietary fiber.”

And it is this same berry that is found in Organique Acai Premium Blend.

The USDA Organic seal indicates that the contents of a product is 95% or more certified organic. Meaning, free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering.

“Among those available in the market, our product has the highest concentration of Acai and we are USDA organic-certified, the United States Department of Agriculture sets the standards for US organic products,” claims Cathy. 

A registered nurse, Cathy worked in Geriatrics in the United States and Canada for several years. She saw how lifestyle impacted one’s body. This was what prompted her and husband Elton, who worked in the nutraceuticals industry, to launch Organique Acai Premium Blend in 2009. 

“It’s very important to be pro-active in taking care of your body. It is best to start while you’re young and to go for natural measures, as much possible”. 
Cory Quirino

TV host and wellness icon Cory Quirino, who has been aware of the health benefits of acai berry long before it hit Philippine shores was more than happy to advocate Organique Acai Premium Blend. 

“Organique Acai Premium Blend keeps me feeling good and looking good,” Quirino was heard saying during the intimate lunch with the media held recently. Even during out of town trips, Cory makes sure she takes her daily dose.
Regine Tolentino

Well known Dancer and fitness enthusiast Regine Tolentino was as quick to testify, “Organique Acai Premium Blend helps maintain my energy level throughout the day, even with back to back Zumba classes.” 

The recommended dose of Organique Acai Premium Blend is 30-60ml per day depending on the health conditions of the person. “If you’re down with something, you can double dose or triple dose it because you need more nutrients when you’re sick. It is best taken with an empty stomach -- pure, with water, with ice or added to your smoothie,” suggests Cathy.


Reasons to Drink Organique Acai Premium Blend 

1.  Helps build a strong body by providing protein - Açai has more proteins than an average egg. Proteins are the primary components of some hormones and body tissues, including muscles and organs. Proteins also make up the outer layers of hair, nail and skin. 

2.  Cleanses and detoxifies the body - Açai has been used for centuries to cleanse the body of contaminants. 

3.  Enhances muscle contractions and muscle regeneration - Açai’s mix of essential amino acids and trace minerals are vital for strength and recovery after strenuous activities. 

4.  Increases energy and enhances stamina. - Açai’s nutrients and large amount of natural lipids provide needed energy to engage in competitive sports and tackle daily chores. 

5.  Stress relief- the Açai berry can help regulate stress levels and repair the body. 

6.  Improves sexual health - Açai’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can counter infertility due to stress, pollution and factors related to free radicals. 

7.  Aids body synergy - Acai’s immune-system-strengthening qualities help protect the entire body. 

8.  A potent anti-aging food - the regenerative nutrients and strong antioxidants in Açai keep cells operating optimally and may slow aging. 

9.  May help prevent prostate enlargement - the antioxidant punch of Açai may be a powerful weapon in the fight against benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly known as enlarged prostate. 

10.  Helps prevent osteoporosis in women - Açai has a significant amount of Calcium, which helps strengthen the bones, prevent fractures and can help prevent osteoporosis. 

11.  Ease menstrual cycles - Women who experience extreme menstrual pain can also benefit from Açai juice. Calcium-rich foods help coate the lining of the stomach and uterus and help reduce the pain from cramps and bloating. 

12.  May help prevent causes of heart diseases - the berry contains the antioxidant, polyphenols, a principal source of heart protection. One anthocyanin, cyaniding-2-glucoside, may improve the production of nitric oxide (NO) in endothelial cells. It does not allow vessel walls to relax and expand, resulting in less stress on the heart, decreased risk of vessel blockage and an increased blood flow. 

13.   Reduces bad cholesterol - in addition to its high antioxidant content, Açai is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs). A large body of research indicates that EFAs help reduce harmful LDL cholesterol while supporting levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol, which can lead to better blood circulation. 

14.  Sterols may lower blood pressure (BP) - sterols are components of plant cell membranes providing numerous benefits to the human body. Sterols are currently being used to treat symptoms associated with BP. 

15.  Protects blood vessels - the anthocyanins in Açai protect small and large blood vessels, including veins, arteries and capillaries. 

16.  Help thwart retinopathy - in diabetes, weak capillaries can lead to a condition called retinopathy, which often leads to blindness. Açai helps protect capillaries. 

17.  Improves glucose and lipid levels - Açai’s lower glycemic index improves glucose and lipid level in diabetics. 

18.  Weight control - Açai’s low glycemic index also helps control appetite and delay hunger, which can help individuals trying to lose weight. 

19. Acai can improve resistance to diseases - by boosting the immune system, Açai’s rich nutrient profile helps boost the body’s natural defenses. 

20. Improved function of immune cells - recent findings published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine indicate that Açai’s beta-sitosterol prevents immune suppression and modulates the lymphocyte activity. 

21. Prevents free-radical damage to the immune system - free radical damage (or oxidation) is one of the primary causes of immune weakness or dysfunction. 

22. Can thwart viruses, bacterial infections and funguses - Açai can reduce the frequency of infectious diseases. 

23. Acts as an antimutagenic - Açai’s antioxidant properties help prevent damage to DNA, which lowers the risk posed by carcinogens and mutagens. 

24. Improved digestion - Açai’s dietary fiber helps promote the health of the digestive tract, including colon. 

25. Overcomes acid-reflux diseases (GERD) - The broad array of antioxidants in Açai may help protect and repair the lower esophagus damaged by GERD, and its acid-suppression effects reduce the acidity of stomach contents when reflux does occur. 

26. Heals ulcers - the antibacterial properties of Açai’s kills bad bacteria, fungi and parasites, including H. pylori, the ulcer-causing bacteria. 

27. Helps relieves symptoms of Crohn’s disease - Açai’s anti-inflammatory abilities may prevent the malabsorption of vital nutrients by preventing damage to the wall of the small intestine. 

28. Improves skin tone - Açai’s phytosterols helps reduce the erosion of the skin’s protective coating. 

29. Defends against premature wrinkles - because it is so high in anthocyanins and phytosterols, Açai helps protect connective tissues, including collagen. 

30. May thwart cancer - the antioxidant protection of Açai may lower cancer risk for several types, including breast, lung, skin and stomach cancers, by neutralizing free radicals before they can damage cells. 

32. Reduces arthritis pain - anti-inflammatory properties of Açai may offer relief of arthritis suffers. 

33. Relieves symptoms of asthma - Açai’s vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties found to improve symptoms of asthma. 

34. May reduce risk for Alzheimer’s disease - t 2004 study from the Archives of Neurology found a reduced risk or Alzheimer’s desease with increased amounts of vitamin C and E found in Açai. 

35. Aids vision - the beta carotene and C in Açai promote eye health, including reducing the complications of macular degeneration in diabetics. 

36. Helps maintain health teeth and gums - the calcium in Açai may mean a whiter smile and stronger teeth, as well as the prevention of gingivitis and other gum diseases. 

37. Improves mental clarity - Açai’s omega-3 fats are crucial for proper mental function and alertness. 

38. Better sleep - the vitamin B and other nutrients in Açai reduce stress and help brain cells communicate by assisting with the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. 

39. Promotes overall wellness.

Organique Acai Premium Blend is also distributed in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and the Middle East. Each 946-ml bottle sells for P2,500 at Mercury Drug, Pure Pharmacy, Robinson’s Supermarket, South Star Drug, Watsons.

For more information, log on to www.organique.asia or call (02) 4703580/(0922) 888 7884.

For social media updates, type “Organique Acai” on Facebook, “@organiqueacai” on Twitter and “organiqueacai” on Instagram. 

ReSET: The Science of Renewed Beauty

America's Favorite Dermatologist, Dr.Tess Mauricio during the media presentation of SkinCell ReSET – which stands for Rejuvenating Skin Enhancement Technology – an innovation that combines the technology of the internationally-renowned Time Machine ProcedureTM (TMP).
Given the seemingly endless choice of skin care products, anti-aging treatments, and beauty regiments being introduced in the market, one can easily be persuaded by testimonials and anecdotal evidence. While actual user feedback provides invaluable insights, the scientific and clinical basis for aesthetic procedures should be the foremost consideration.

Indeed, only proven technology can successfully bring about a transformation to revitalized, rejuvenate, and ReSET our beauty. It is precisely this passion that inspired SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics to bring the latest breakthrough in dermatological science to Manila.

SkinCell ReSET – which stands for Rejuvenating Skin Enhancement Technology – is an innovation that combines the technology of the internationally-renowned Time Machine ProcedureTM (TMP) and SkinCell’s aesthetic expertise to virtually rewind and impede skin aging. This non-invasive treatment has been continuously credited with making its patients look five to ten years younger, all without going under the knife.

The main building block for ReSET is the TMP, which already has countless success stories and proven effectiveness overseas. By adding years of knowledge and expertise to the equation, SkinCell has made its own enhancements to tailor fit the process to Filipino and Asian skin.

ReSET is a non-surgical procedure with minimal downtime, thus making it ideal for individuals whose busy lifestyle cannot accommodate extended recovery periods.

Moreover, ReSET has been purposely developed to ensure that patients never end up looking overdone, or having the same facial profile as others.

Given that the medical consultants and staff of SkinCell are intensively trained in the latest aesthetic technology, ReSET truly represents the perfect fusion of science and art.

Aside from ReSET, SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics also offers a wide range of state-of-the-art skincare services which includes Medical and Bridal Dermatology, Advanced Laser Treatments, Golfer’s Hour treatment, Acne Solutions Program, Laser Hair Removal, and other Laser and Light Treatments.

To learn more about ReSET and Skincell’s other services, you may visit www.skincellph.com or visit the SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics at the San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, Makati, or at the New Bocobo Center, Ermita, Manila.

July 30, 2015

Ms. Tourism Philippines partners with Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Candidates of Ms. Tourism 2015 

All roads lead on July 30, 2015 as the Grand Coronation Night for the Ms. Tourism Philippines 2015 takes center stage at Solaire Resort and Casino.

Sharing in the advocacy of promoting “Beauty Tourism”, Ms. Tourism Philippines 2015 partners with Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics as the pageant’s Official Beauty Provider. 

Ms. Tourism Philippines prides itself on being one of the biggest national beauty pageants that does not only focus on beauty, talent and intelligence but also aims to promote the global culture, peace, art and tradition. This pageant showcases both the unique beauty of a Filipina and the diversity of our regions' socio-cultural heritage. In effect, it promotes our various tourist spots in the country and values as well.

“Bring out the best in you” is the mantra of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics. Supervised by Beauty and Wellness expert, Dra. Emehly Sevilla, Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics offers the best in innovative treatments and personalized care. The clinic provides a comprehensive range of medical aesthetic treatment with very minimal or no downtime. This includes laser skin treatments, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, botox, peels, facials, non-invasive body contouring and many more. 

50 candidates are vying for this year’s Ms. Tourism Philippines. Coveted titles are at stake - 

MISS TOURISM WORLD 2015 to represent our country in Japan;

MISS TOURISM UNIVERSE 2015 in Beirut Lebanon;


A special award for Ms. Vine Tourism will also be given on the Coronation Night.

Miss Tourism-Philippines will have a delayed telecast on August 9 over at GMA News TV.

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics is located at Unit 2H Mezzanine Level THE GRAND HAMPTONS TOWER II 1ST Avenue Corner 31ST Street BGC Taguig City Telephone: +639178590642, +639176315883, +63 2 2172687, +63 2 8433023; E-mail: vineaesthetics@gmail.com

Sinigang in the rain!

With the rainy season sneaking up on us, so are those cravings for something delicious and hearty to warm us up during chilly afternoons and early evenings. Indeed, there are some meals that feel like a thick, warm blanket on a cold, damp night, satisfying yet elusive. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to search for that one perfect, warm, and cozy meal because Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, has exactly what you are looking for. 

Goldilocks’ new Pork Sinigang is the newest addition to their already impressive Foodshop menu and, truth be told, could be the answer to every foodie’s rainy day prayers. Since expanding its selections to more more savory dishes, Goldilocks has been hitting the mark with its timeless classics, and this one is no exception!

Goldilocks’ new Pork Sinigang, available for only P90 and P110 with rice, is the perfect meal for those looking for a complete, hearty, and delicious way to warm up the rainy season. Already a Filipino favorite, Goldilocks ups the ante by loading the dish with tender pork liempo and nutritious vegetables, all nestled in a familiarly comforting broth. 

The dish, which is available in all Goldilocks branches, is a delicious yet familiar take on one of the country’s most beloved meals that everyone is sure to enjoy. Pair it with a free Coca Cola on Goldilocks’ Buena Mano Mondays, or on its own with a classic Goldilocks dessert, and it is the perfect meal guaranteed to put a smile on every customers face. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get your fill of the new Pork Sinigang by visiting a Goldilocks branch near you or calling 888-1-999 for deliveries.

SM makes indoor play Kidzooona-mazing!

Here's the new for kids! Kidzooona edutainment playlands inside the SM malls! 

Gone are the days when the rainy season dampens the spirits of the kids and the kids at heart because SM Supermalls, the country’s biggest mall network, further takes family fun to the next level with the growing number of the famous Kidzooona edutainment playlands inside the SM malls.

To date, SM Supermalls has 4 Kidzooona playlands nationwide, namely in Angono, Rizal; Lucena, Quezon; Masinag, Antipolo; and Rosales, Pangasinan. It also has a branch in Waltermart Makati.

Originally from Japan, the name Kidzooona was coined from the words “kid” and “kizuna“, a Japanese term that means the bond between a parent and a child. And true to its meaning, Kidzooona playlands make indoor family fun more exciting with especially-themed play stations perfect for kids under 12; and a cozy Parents and Guardians' Lounge, where moms and dads can look after their little ones and at the same time relax and have insightful conversations with fellow parents.

Aimed at enhancing the kids' imagination, creativity, and interpersonal skills, Kidzooona's safe environment is divided into several key areas namely the Air Track, Ball Pool, Cyber Wheel, Toy Corner, and the Role Play Town, where children engage in a creative play and pretend (in full costumes) while enjoying real-life experiences as a doctor, sales personnel, baker, fireman, and many more.

For added convenience to parents, Kidzooona in SM Supermalls also has a baby room with a nursing area and changing facilities.

Kidzooona is open during mall hours from Monday to Sunday with a regular rate of as low as P200.

For more updates about Kidzooona and exclusive news about SM Supermalls :

Visit its official website at www.smsupermalls.com

Follow its official social media accounts at :


And get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber at www.viber.com/SMsupermalls.

Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos inside the SM Supermalls then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHere.

WD redesigns world's no. 1 selling portable hard drive

New My Passport Drives Now Feature Up to 3 TB Capacity and Easier Backup Software 

WD, a Western Digital company, and world leader in storage solutions, today introduced the new, redesigned My Passport Ultra portable hard drives and My Passport for Mac drives. With the My Passport line now in its 7th generation, the My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac portable hard drives are now available in capacities up to 3 TB and in four stylish colors - Classic Black, Brilliant White, Wild Berry and Noble Blue. 

“With more photos being taken than ever before, it’s critical to have a high capacity, reliable external storage solution that you can carry everywhere,” said Tony Tate, general manager and vice president of Content Storage Solutions at WD. “The latest generation My Passport drives deliver an easier automatic back-up experience, hardware-based encryption for security and higher capacities than ever before.”

My Passport Ultra portable drives come in 3 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB and 500 GB capacities and feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption – delivering a high level of security with no impact to write-speed or CPU activity. If your My Passport Ultra falls into the wrong hands, the 256-bit AES hardware encryption protects users’ files, folders, photos, videos and music with a password known only to them. USB 3.0 compatibility provides fast data transfer rates of up to 5 gigabits per second, while being backwardly compatible with USB 2.0. My Passport for Mac portable drives are available in capacities of 3 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB and also feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption with USB 3.0 connectivity.

My Passport Ultra’s built-in WD Backup software is a simple-to-use application with focus on reducing frustration when setting up a backup plan to preserve data. Since 31% of devices have had malware at some point, having your data safely backed up onto a secondary device like a My Passport drive is critical to preserving precious data.

Pricing and Availability

My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac portable drives will be available in August through selected retailers and resellers and are distributed by Iontech, Inc. and EA Global Supply Chains Solutions, Inc. MSRP for both My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac is Php 3, 890 for 1 TB, Php 6, 490 for 2 TB, Php 8, 990 for the latest 3 TB offering. MSRP for My Passport Ultra 500 GB is Php 2,990. Both products will offer a 3-year limited warranty. Terms and conditions of WD’s limited warranty may be found at support.wdc.com/warranty. .

Bosch presents PAVIRO, public address and voice evacuation system that offers best-in-class audio performance and flexibility

Ease-of-use and highest energy efficiency in a complete EN54-certified solution

Bosch is pleased to present PAVIRO, a combined public address and voice evacuation system that offers outstanding audio quality. EN54-certified, easily and quickly specified and configured with optimized system costs, and extremely efficient in its power consumption, PAVIRO sets a new standard in the field of combined public address and voice evacuation systems.

Four-channel matrix architecture offers flexible announcement and music distribution combinations across multiple zones 
Fast, easy system set-up and configuration using “Basic” or “Expert” modes 
Sophisticated modular system allows reduction of system costs 
Excellent audio and speech quality 
Significantly reduced power consumption – and therefore reduced number of required batteries – allows lower operational and maintenance costs
PAVIRO’s highly flexible, modular system architecture makes it an attractive, complete system solution for small- to medium-sized installations, including office buildings, regional airports, hotels, factories, schools, department stores and more. As a sound reinforcement solution, it offers best-in-class audio quality; as an evacuation system, it offers exceptional reliability; and as a public address system it offers a level of clarity and intelligibility in line with the highest standards.

PAVIRO offers extreme flexibility usually found in significantly more expensive systems thanks to system-wide four-channel matrix architecture. Up to four audio signals such as announcements or playback music can simultaneously be distributed to different loudspeaker zones. At the same time, individual announcements in any zone do not interrupt music in the other zones. The optional integration of additional audio systems via two of the amplifier’s inputs reduces the total number of required amplifiers, thus lowering the total system cost as well as associated operating costs.

July 29, 2015

A grand welcome for Fil-Ams

Members of the Filipino-American Youth Leadership Program

World-renowned Filipino hospitality greeted the Filipino-American delegates of the 10th Ambassador, Consuls General and Tourism Directors Tour (ACGTDT) gala dinner held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Hosted by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), the event served as a formal welcome for the delegates who came from different parts of the United States of America (USA) to reconnect with their Filipino roots and experience the best of the Philippines.

TPB Chief Operating Officer Domingo Ramon Enerio III

An annual excursion program for Filipino-Americans, ACGTDT organizes a special tour to popular Philippine destinations that would allow the participants to savor the foods, see the beautiful sites, learn more about the history, and experience the hospitality that Filipinos are famous for. This year, the delegates will be travelling to Cebu and their itinerary includes visits to Cebu City, Carcar, Argao, Sibonga, and Mactan Islands. 
DFA Usec. Evan P. Garcia, Ambassador Jose L. Cruisia and Generoso D.G. Calogne

Welcoming the excited guests were TPB COO Domingo Ramon Enerio III, Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia, Jr. and Department of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Evan Garcia.

TIEZA Business Development Manager Bing Francisco, TIEZA Asst. COO Jetro Nicolas Lozada and Nanding Mendez
“We are pleased to welcome you back to the Philippines. You’re the best ambassadors in promoting the country’s tourism abroad. May this event not only deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Philippines, but also inspire your foreign friends and loved ones to come and visit the country,” says Enerio.
Lyle Cummings, Marie Cummings, Sen. Michael San Nicolas and Lynn Baker

Amidst refreshing cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and sumptuous dinner, the delegates were treated to a live jazz entertainment led by renowned Filipino saxophonist Vince Lahorra and world-class performances by Asia’s Got Talent finalists Gerphil Flores, Gwyneth Dorado and Junior New System.
James and Rose Marie Knaus
With warm vibe and friendly faces around, it was so easy for the delegates to feel at home, even for the first-timers. “I just want to see the Philippines. I think it’s a beautiful country,” says Jon Paul Puno, a US-born rising classical crossover singer. For those who have been on the tour many times, meanwhile, it’s an experience worth reliving. “We’re excited to be back,” says Rose Marie Knaus who came with her husband, James. “We’re blown away by the execution of this event. Aside from visiting beautiful places, we’re also planning to sell properties. We believe the country is rich in potential.” 
Panfilo Vallejera and Gina Berida
 Warren Gilbert Steele, Samantha Rose Steele and Aurea Steele

Welcoming as it was meant to be, the gala dinner was only the start of Philippine rediscovery for the Fil-Am delegates. Their journey will continue in Cebu, where they will experience more of the country’s grandeur and the innate warmth of the Filipinos.
Jenny Yang-Fang and Edward Lu
Gwyneth Dorado
The ACGTDT is a featured event of the Visit the Philippines 2015 campaign.

Catch more fun and exciting events happening this year at www.visitph2015.com.

From Loss to Law, Thanks to Philam Life

There is no question that every mother dreams to see her children grow up to be self-sufficient and financially stable. But how do we guarantee their security, when quality education grows more expensive every year, and more and more parents are forced to drop their children from school due to a lack of necessary funds?
In 1997, this precise challenge hit Ms. Monserrat V. Delos Reyes. After leaving her job in the medical field as a nurse, she was unsure if she could afford to pay the tuition fees of her children. “It was a difficult time,” Delos Reyes narrated. “I was constantly worried about our expenses, most of all how I could possibly pay for the schooling of my kids.”
Fortunately, Delos Reyes found a highly rewarding career as a financial advisor for Philam Life. With full belief in both the products she was selling and company providing them, she bought an education plan with a very specific purpose in mind. 
“My daughter Regine always dreamt of studying in De La Salle University and becoming a lawyer,” Delos Reyes explained. “I wanted to secure my daughter’s future, regardless of whatever unexpected turns life would throw at me,” she enthused.
Regine Delos Reyes Graduation Pic with Family
In 2007, Monserrat’s investment was fully returned, and Regine was able to take up a degree in Economics at De La Salle University. She continued to receive checks twice a year from Philam Life, which were able to pay for three trimesters’ worth of Regine’s tuition every year. Since Regine’s course took only three years to complete, Delos Reyes was able to use the fourth year of her educational plan payout to cover other family expenses.
It felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I had the peace of mind that Regine’s education was taken care of and assured by Philam Life. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of investment,” the proud mother beamed.
Regine was then able to go to law school, again at De La Salle University. She recently graduated as the top 4 student in her class, and will be taking the Bar exam in November. She aspires to specialize in family law and join one of the largest law firms in the country.
I’m so thankful to my mother for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams,” a clearly emotional Regine affirmed. “Our family is a clear example of how Philam Life touches and improves real lives. They changed the course of our lives permanently, for the better,” she concluded.

Kata is now open at SM City Rosales

Kata is now open its doors at SM City Rosales, Pangasinan! 

Here is good news to Pangasinenses!

There are surprises. In celebration of the opening of Kata SM City Rosales, Pangasinan, they are giving away FREE Screen Protector and Flip Cover for purchase of any Kata device. Offer is valid on July 29 at SM City Rosales only. 

Kata specialize in innovative mobile technology to produce high-end mobile devices with exceptional style and design.

As mobile specialists, Kata provides a full suite of end-to-end services across a multitude of industries and markets.

Visit Kata SM City Rosales, Pangasinan and enjoy and experience Kata smartphones!

For more updates and information,  visit http://www.katadigital.com.ph/ and Kata Facebook.

July 28, 2015

Google Apps for Work for SMEs now available via PLDT SME Nation

Google Philippines Country Manager Ken Lingan talks about digital solutions for small businesses during the launch of PLDT SME Nation’s Small Business Month.

In this digital age of borderless work spaces and online marketplaces, an efficient system of collaboration is crucial for SMEs (small to medium enterprises) to thrive.

To help SMEs improve operational efficiencies, enhance productivity and consequently, improve revenues, PLDT SME Nation, through ePLDT subsidiary IPC®, an Internet data center and cloud services company, now offersGoogle Apps for Work to the Philippine SMEs, which account for about 90% of all local businesses.

Google Apps for Work is a collaboration suite packed with cost-saving, productivity and efficiency promoting tools that will enable co-workers to effectively work together from anywhere. The applications are categorized according to functionality—Communicate, Collaborate, Manage and Store.

Under Communicate, featured applications include Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and Google+. For Collaborate, applications included are Sheets, Forms, Docs, Slides and Sites. For storage, SMEs can take advantage of Google Drive, and for management purposes, Google Admin and Vault.

“When it comes to web-based products and applications, Google is known for reliability and innovation,” PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business Kat Luna-Abelarde said. “We look forward to being able to offer their industry-leading products and applications to our local SMEs. With IPC® and PLDT, SMEs can be assured of reliable and 24/7 customer support together with Google’s best-in-class products.”

Because Google Apps for Work is web- or Internet-based, it can help SMEs, whether with 10 or 10,000 employees, reduce operational costs including maintenance and capital investments. In fact, studies have shown that shifting from on-site to web-based applications can contribute to up to 85 percent worth of energy savings.

For budding businesses, Google Apps for Work can aid companies in establishing their unique brand. It allows SMEs to integrate their domain name in their e-mail addresses, hosted by Google’s network. For start-ups, an official e-mail domain goes a long way in reinforcing credibility among potential and existing clients.

This suite of collaboration application can also help improve coordination and communication among work mates particularly when they are out of office. For instance, co-workers can conduct meetings remotely using Google Hangouts and jointly review documents using Google Sheets or Google Docs.

Additionally, SMEs can use Google Apps for Work’s Admin and Vault applications to enhance data security and management especially of sensitive information. This is particularly helpful for easily managing office devices and configuring security settings so data stays safe. In cases of resigning employees, Vault can be used to manage, retain, search and export e-mail and on-the-record chats.

Alberto added, “Google Apps for Work is a convenient and cost-efficient way to harness the benefits of today’s rapidly advancing technology. With our reliable and powerful network infrastructures, SMEs can overcome the barriers that eventually lead to low productivity.”

SMEs can choose between two packages — the basic Google Apps for Work , priced at US$50 annually per user, and Google Drive for Work, at US$120 annually per user, which has all the inclusions of Google Apps for Work but is powered up by unlimited storage. Both packages come with mobility devices, such as tablets and pocket WiFi devices, as add-ons. PLDT subscribers also have the advantage of being able to upgrade to hardware and connectivity bundles to supplement work place tools.

To find out more about Google Apps for Work, log on to ipc.ph.

Meralco Power Tech Launch: When innovation meets vision

The Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) is known as the country’s largest distribution utility with over a hundred years in service. Meralco has always been discovering means on how to improve not only its services and products to consumers but also new techniques and methods on enhancing the skills of its employees. 

Now visualize this, what if there is a state of the art facility wherein engineers can “work, play and train”? A facility that can really give you an actual feel of the concept or situation you are studying about.
Meralco Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan (2nd from left) and Meralco President & CEO Oscar S. Reyes (3rd from right) lead partners to look at the scale model of PowerTech—the Philippine’s first innovation, R&D, and technical training facility featuring the grid of the future. It will be an incubator for agile and globally competent energy talents capable of supporting advancements in the power and energy ecosystem.
Welcome the Power Tech.

Being one of the most enduring and dynamic enterprises in the Philippines, Meralco once again breaks new ground with the development of the Power Tech. Power Tech will be the country’s first innovation, Research and Development (R&D), and technical training facility that will feature the use of Smart Grid. Gone are the days that the trainings will just be relying on audio visual presentations because Power Tech will act as a simulator. Meralco’s engineers will now have the chance to not only see the lesson but to actually have an “actual feel” of it. This will also serve as a vehicle for bridging the gap between the existing and the evolving technologies. 

Meralco’s Vice President and Head of Networks, Ronnie L. Aperocho said, “The Grid Enterprise will allow you to immerse on emerging technologies under a simulated network even before we apply these to the entire system”. He also added, “The Grid Inspiration will ignite the imagination and expand one’s perspective with insights from industry experts and luminaries”.

The primary objectives of Power Tech are identified into three groups. First, to serve as a facility that will rapidly accelerate competency upgrade of both Meralco engineers and other industry players. Second, to provide a test-bed for Smart Grid and as a testing area for new equipment and devices wherein different suppliers can partake. Lastly, to drive innovation and R&D in the Philippine power industry through partnerships with the academe and other power utilities.

As Meralco President and CEO Oscar Reyes said, “In Meralco, we believe that a true center of excellence is ultimately defined by the interplay of best in class hardware, software and most important, highly competent and innovative professionals.”

Meralco President and CEO Oscar Reyes 
The Power Tech is set to be fully operational early 2017. This will be a 2-storey, green architecture structure which will be occupying a total floor area of 3,139 sqm in Meralco, Ortigas. Power Tech will be powered by renewable energy sources (solar and wind) and will also be utilizing natural lighting and ventilation. This will also feature different state-of-the art facilities such as the following: The Grid Adventure, Endeavor, Pathfinder and Resolution (Training Labs); the Grid Enterprise (Test Area), the Grid Discovery (Innovation Center) and the Grid Inspiration (Auditorium). 

One good thing with the development of Power Tech is that it will strengthen the backbone of knowledge initiatives of Meralco’s engineers. It will be an incubator for agile and globally competent technical professionals who are capable of supporting advancements in the power and energy ecosystem.

Speaking of good things, there are also other benefits of Power Tech to the Academe world, its suppliers and the different power utilities. 

In the Academe world, Power Tech will be the partner of different schools, universities and other centers of excellence in ensuring the development of globally competitive professionals in the power industry, with the University of the Philippines–College of Engineering as one of its primary partners. As for the suppliers, Power Tech will serve as a test-bed for Smart Grid and developing technologies. Also, it will serve as an avenue wherein new equipment and devices will be tested. When it comes to power utilities, Power Tech targets to uphold close relations, synergy and continuous interactions with the existing local and international utilities. These utilities are those whose goals regarding the form of training and education initiatives are the same.

Power Tech is a facility with a vision. This is place where our engineers can further hone their skills. A facility where they can unleash their potentials. Meralco is working hard to make this vision a reality so as to be part of the solution –– because it is always a privilege to be able to contribute to the development and advancement of the power and energy ecosystem.

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation” – Bob Iger


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